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  • Who still thinks we will get that 4th Place??

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    • 14th is achievable, let alone 4th..

    • DESPITE that a*sehole benitez's empty promises, we will not be finishing fourth...god how I long for lowly fourth. With benitez and the bloody americans at the helm, we will be lucky to finish 7th....oh and we won't win the Europa cup either. Why all the depressing predictions? Have you seen the lack of entheusiasm from our players on the pitch? Even Mr LFC, Stevie G looks like he'd rather be somewhere else. And I don't blame them. benitez and the yanks have destoyed what was once a great club. Shame on you, long may it rest on your consciences, which it won't, because you don't HAVE consciences you empty, hollow soul-less pieces of scum. Riera was right. I wish the three of you everything of the worst.

    • Before this weekends round of fixtures I went over and had a play with that BBC predictor.
      I tried really hard to be realistic and conservative, both in terms of our resutls and the other three contenders.
      I had us getting 4th place by four points.
      Now, I can't see it happening.
      I really thought we would grab 1 point from the Mancs and we so very nearly did. Whether we deserved it or not is for another thread ;-)
      I also thought Fulham may hold City and again they nearly did. The midweek game was probably just too recent.
      Now, I have gone back and revised one or two predictions and put this weekends results in and I now have City pipping us by 1 point.
      Spurs still have to play Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal and for me that looks like 9 points dropped.
      Villa I still expect to do their usual implosion and all it takes is one or two key injuries and MO'N has to change his team. Plus Villa still have to play City, Chelsea and the local derby against Brum. All potential downers.
      That sort of leaves City in the box seat with their games in hand. However, they have Utd, Everton and Villa at home - all potential land mines - and they have Arsenal away.
      I think our hardest game to come is Chelsea - at home, too - but I believe for an inform and motivated LFC the rest of our games are winnable.
      The question is which LFC will turn up from one game to the next?

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      • Ajay...truth is I doubt anybody gives a sh!t about u BBC Predictor...best thing u can do with it is stick where the sun dont shine. When are fans like u gonna wake tfu and realize the problem is and has been for at least theee seasons .....
        BENITEZ !??? Again at Old Toilet he showed his predictability no pun intended when he played the usual 2holding midfielders
        back to Lucas partnering Masch, we didnt need that v Manure they werent that great but certainly showed a lot more flair than we did thats for sure.
        The subs were way too late and perhaps had Babel and Aquillani and Benni been there from the off we might have actually left with three points in the bag but again he went there NOT to lose rather than to win. It was all very.........................

    • I have said in previous threads, that fourth place has been out of our hands for a while now. All games had to be wins and hoping the other teams would slip up.
      Villa and City above us and having two games in hand on us.
      Fact is the manager and the players have let us down big time this season.
      But main fault has to go to the manager. It is his responsibility to get the players ready for matches with a game plan. Something that hasn't happened an awful lot this season.

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      • The questions LFC fans HAVE to ask is...how from last season the team pushed United closer than ever to the title and yet this season lost 10 matches already....

        Something clearly has gone wrong and what is it...

        Chelsea will be a tough game, they want to push united all the way and won't be there for the taking, (one of the teams Liverpool has to get the points off)

        to suddenly go on a 7 game unbeaten run, without loss will take a miracle....no 2 ways about it...the team has the likes of Benfica to face... ready to put a dent in any confidence built..

    • I have avoided commenting on the situation for a couple of months because I felt that Benitez had a right to prove us all wrong (plus the fact that after Juve, it was obvious we were going to have to endure the p**** at least until the end of the season), but I digress. He has always said that in the end we would have the 4th place, but with 7 to go (or 5 if you are being realistic) they have NOT broken away, they have NOT improved, and Fatty words are just more broken promises. For that alone he should be sacked. If he had gone months ago, I am convinced that we would now br safely in 4th because not one of the other teams have actually excelled these past months and yet Liverpool are not even in control of their own destiny anymore. What Reira said was totally right, and don't forget Torres has inferred something similar and yet is not punished. Fatty's options are running out, and his time is running out as well. Surely even his arrogance cannot save him if 4th is not forthcoming

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      • KPOK...Benitez arrogance as u say cant save him but the one thing that might is the owners' IGNORANCE of the nuances of the beautiful game. If they feel there is a fast buck to be saved by keeping him on they just might . I hope with all my heart that this isnt the case and that come theend of the season we will be rid of this curse on our club known as Benitez .

    • We might get 7th if we're lucky. Its been a bad season for us and if fatlad is still here next season it'ill get worse. Gerrard just sum,s up this season (and how I feel,) one of the finest midfielders to kick a ball and he looks a broken man. Gerrard knew this was coming and tried to leave but was persuaded to stay with broken promises and I think he will give a tranfer request at the end of the season but if fatlad goes and someone good comes in he'll stay. Fatlad trying and then getting rid of a player of Alonso's quality and then spending 20m on an injured man, who when was fit wouldn't play must break Gerrards heart. The list goes on and on of the f**k ups that the fat twat has done and I cant believe people in the club cant see what a mess he is making and decide to do something about it.

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      • I am glad that I am not the only one who thinks we will not get that 4th place and do not deserve it either. We have been really poor this season and to think of what happened last season and now we are 18 points behind top spot is an absolute disgrace. If Rafa had any dignity or respect for himself and us the supporters he would resign at the earliest instant. Money or no money.

    • It’s strange to me how for so many people one match defines an entire season.

      Yes it’s hard to take loosing to the Mancs under any circumstances, but these are never easy games, and just as our beating them twice last season did not deny them the title, us splitting the points this season will not be the defining act of whether we get CL football next season. Yesterday while hard because it’s the Mancs (and Webb of course), its still only 3 points.

      I don't know for sure if we'll get 4th, and yesterday made it that little bit harder, but I don't know we'll not get it either, as still a lot of football to play for. On the weekend for me it was a mixed bag in terms of results that will determine 4th. I hoped we'd win for pride, but realistically thought we might have got a point. So in my book 1 point dropped. I thought Villa would beat Wolves, so 2 points dropped there. I thought Spurs would only draw at Stoke, so 2 points gained by them. I had hoped Fulham might hold City to a point, but realistically had them down for all 3 points, so par there.

      In my final analysis, I still have it a dead heat between us Villa, and City, while Spurs are off the pace by points. Remember, Villa still has another derby to go, plus they got to get by City and Everton. City doesn’t exactly have it easy with Everton, Arsenal, Villa, and Spurs all on their dance card. And, Spurs may be shinning right now, but will they when they come up against Arsenal, Utd, and Chelsea, and have to tango with City at the end.

      So in other words I'd say it’s still too close to call, so yes we can still get 4th.

    • Hahahaha HAHAHAHA - can u BELIEVE the utter shyte that this pseudo-yank LOSER spouts on here day after deluded day lads

      "but have we, and will we keep moving in the right direction. " she squawks.

      Right direction p'rick?

      Listen imbecile what part of the following don't YOU UNDERSTAND STEER

      TEN losses this season

      NO trophies in the last FIVE fcuking seasons

      Out of the CL and ONE fluke win in it this past 25 plus years!

      NO league title in TWENTY YEARS

      A FIVE year plan to win us a title has FAILED

      A top four finish GUARANTEED this term by fatlad

      MILLIONS WASTED on utter shyte (www.transferleague,com)

      Some very GOOD players turned bad under a JOKE called Beneathus... then magically their careers turn around when they leave (Bellamy, Crouch, Risse, Warnock, Alonso, all doing fantastic at other clubs)

      The list of FAILURE is endless cnut so do us all a favour and go get yourself a life away from this board and disappear up your own arse you complete and utter w@nker................ your act is as stale as your breath bald eagle.

      "I've been to Anfield" "I have never been to Anfield" - steer

      "Rafa is the master tactician" steer

      "He (lucas) must not be allowed to walk alone" - steer

      hahahha - you can't buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Daniel, not trying to open up festering wounds, but on one level the fact that back in those days the expectations was to just qualify for UEFA, but not win, while today we are all gutted by a single season where we might (stress might) fall out of the top 4 and miss out on CL, shows in itself how much progress we've made?

      There is no doubt we've taken a step backward this season, but maybe its a backward from expectations that Rafa has been able to push much higher than they've been in many a year. Of course we're not where we all think we should be, competitive for the title each and every season, and in the heart of things at Europe’s top table, but have we, and will we keep moving in the right direction.

    • Yellow Bob ring ring hahahahahahha Yellow Bob ring ring hahahahahahha Mar 23, 2010 05:30 Flag


      ...Pharoah, i kid you not, this is now the measure of LFC's season...

      ...the pavements , today are littered with the new phrase on the mouth of these PLASTIC fans..

      ..''well, at least we are finishing above Everton''.................hahhahaahahahaha

      ...you cant buy it

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