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    Dani Pacheco- Different Class (Video).


    The turn and lifting the ball over the players head on 20 seconds is class in a glass ;).

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    • So what your saying is you are allowed to have it both ways. Your willing to blame Rafa for bringing in over 200 players most of whom you say are cr@p, but also say any youth players that are actually descent have nothing to do with Rafa?

      If you were honest with your criticism, and it is fair to have a go at Rafa for some of his transfer dealings, you'd minus out all those transfers that had nothing to do with him, or all youth and reserve players coming to club before this summer. I'm wondering how big that 200+ number would be then? Maybe a little homework for you?

    • dsteer...yes u really can have it both ways IF u read ADIDASMALMOS informed posts u will see who really discovered these young talents and it certainly wasnt according to his posts ....Benitez.

    • SIDESHOW....No...Benitez IS completely useless end of story
      I can well understand fans of Manure Citeh Villa Arsenal Spurs Chelski wanting Benitez to see out the whole of his 5 year Guaranteed contract but dont think there are many among our support that want to see him in the job for another five MINUTES let alone years....get this inept clown masquerading as our manager down the feckin road !!!

    • I don't doubt your facts here, and it is true that between scouts, youth team coaches and others, its a real team effort by the club to bring players to the club at al levels. But that why its a bit harsh to clobber Rafa over the head with the over 200+ players bought charge if many of these players are youth players where others have been point on the decision making.

    • great video adi. I think a team of Gulacsi Kelly San Jose Ayala Mavinga Pacheco Dalla Valle and Nemeth make a better on then dead wood we had such as Itandje(Cavaleri) degen, dossena, voronin, and the rest of garbage that was and still is at the club.

      Also if Pacheco leave i am officially supporting that team as well as LFC. wouldnt put it past Benitez to offload him for peanuts. Have you read the interview of messi. i dont remember where but i saw an interview where messi was answering questions including barca academy. he highlited a bunch of players including Pacheco. especially Pacheco. It says something when the best player in the world and richest too, talks about you.

    • From what I can gather alot of these players were signed by Malcolm Elias, he was the Head Of Recruitment at the Melwood Academy and foresaw which players were brought in, before then Stevie Heighway was in charge of talent brought in to the Academy at Melwood, Rafa hardly anything to do with the Academy and Youth setup until 2009 then he got full control of the ins and outs of the Youth setup from last season hence the reason of the new contract he signed where he wanted full control throughout the club, Rafa has given the Youth setup an almighty shake up which saw the highly rated Elias leave, we have also since then also seen 3 extremely very talented youngsters released by the club in Marvin Pourie, Gary Mackay Steven and Chris Buchtmann whilst we still have massive deadwood on our books.

      In saying that the future does look bright and what Rafa seems to be doing with the Youth setup is showing signs of quality players coming through and puts us in good shape for the future, but that is down to more than just one man, some of these players have been coming through well before Rafa got full control.

    • Really don't want to turn this into a for and against Rafa thread (we got too many of those already) but just so I understand. Its okay to blame Rafa for buying too many players, of which almost all those lads in your clip were bought while Rafa has been the club manager, and are lumped into that statement, Rafa has bought too many players most of whom are under performing, but, when those players shine as your clip shows, those buys are no longer Rafa's. Can you really have it both ways?

    • Great clips Adi. I'd agree with you no doubt a class of his own, so hopefully he'll make the leap from star in the reserves to regular in the first team. Fact he's been training with the first team on a regular basis suggest the club don't think he's that far off.

      I also thought some of the link up play he created was his best feature. Set up a number of goals for Amoo, and looks like he has a great understanding with N'Gog, which might suggest why N'Gog has been given so many chances, but could be even better with his friend feeding him.

    • Some good clips there malmos-where do you get all your info-do you watch the youths/reserves?? I hope he's a good one for the future-as dan says he's very unselfish but has a good eye for a pass,didn't seem to score a lot tho.

    • Just one more thing...personally signed by him? It's not like he went out and approached the player himself to sign for the club, so no not personally signed by him. Anyway, there have been plenty more flops such as Dossena, Voronin and Mark Gonzalez than there have been successes.

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