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  • Hobsey Hobsey Mar 25, 2010 19:52 Flag

    Mascherano commits to Reds

    Great news that Mascherano has stated he wants to stay at Liverpool and he expects the deal to be signed in the next couple of weeks. This should be well received as he had previously stated he only wanted to sign if he had assurances on our projected transfer policy. I dont want to read too much into this but surely it would suggest an interesting summer?

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    • as much as i dislike Rafa for his tactics of "oh we got a goal now lets take off Torres and bring on some defensive player" or the fact that we play defensive football against defencive teams like stoke. But if it means having one of top 3 DM's in the world and top 3 GK, which might lead to having top 3 Forward than i guess i can tolerate him. and i agree this hopefully means new investment and hopefully a big transfer kitty. i think we have to bring one of the Davids since that would be perfect partner for our No. 9. I would go with Silva since he can play wing, AM, and forward. and hes younger and cheaper. I head rafa wanted turan in the winter but maxi popped up for free so he went with him. but i am almost certain that the turk will come over since riera is leaving. even those two would strenghten us alot but hopefully we see youngsters given a chance and get rid of Degen and make Kelly no.2 RB. and gulasci no.2 Gk instead of cavaleri.

    • Good news for the club that positive sounds are coming from the spine of our starting eleven, first Pepe now Masch, hopefully we can keep hold of both Torres and Gerrard and if funds are available in the summer then we can build round the current squad and these four players who on their day are arguably the best in the world in their respective positions.

    • I think something is happen in the Background

      First Pepe now Masch wanting new contracts where they klnow they could walk into any big club in the world.

      Maybe a takeover might happen or serious investment with a transfer kitty to go with it.

      I don't know but something is def happening for Masch to be signing a new contract.

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      • Perhaps they're going to Madrid with Rafa so want to stay close?

      • The question is what? Is it new funding, or even brand new owners? Seems this is the most plausable possibility as if its a new manager already waiting in the wings, I'm sure the news would have leaked if its common knowledge in the dressing room (and especially the agents offices).

        But either way its still great news, and does send out the right signals. We need to do more than just retain our best players, but that is the first step. Assuming (or hoping) that there will be funds available to whoever the gaffer is this summer, hopefully step 2 will be to adding top quality players. Which close friends of either Reina, or Masch would you like to see wearing a red shirt next season?

    • Hmmmm, mixed feeling to be honest, does it mean Rafa is going to stay?

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      • Think there is two ways of looking at this regarding Rafa. On the face of it two players brought to the club by him, and by all accounts loyal to the manager have committed their future to the club, so it would suggest they think the manager will be around for a while.

        However it could also be two players who know they are rated by the current regime want to lock in longer term contracts which they know the club has to honor no matter who the gaffer is. Waiting to find out who the new boss might be may not be as lucrative to them personally, if the new man does not rate them as highly as Rafa.

        But, I'd rather think of this in different terms. Leave Rafa out of it. We all say no man is bigger than the club, and no matter who the manager is, we know two world class (or near world class depending on your opinion) want to stay with the club and are willing to sign long term contracts. For me that can only be a good thing.

      • RICKY Y .....I feckin hope not !!!!

      • It certainly looks like that atm with Reina and Masch accepting new deals (though I gather they havn't signed on the dotted line yet).

        Still Torres to tie down too but all that will take is some positive action in the transfer market in the summer.