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  • Mysteron Mysteron Mar 26, 2010 00:08 Flag

    Is Phil Thompson Right.

    So Phil is advocating mutiny and unrest to an already fragile situation. I think not clever, what do you think.

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    • You can always trust Phil to give a pure red, fan based opinion but if players like Gerrard and Torres followed his lead they could be just transferred at worst or fined at leat and then were will we be? In a situation were we have to rebuild the team almost from scratch or at least with a pair of players not wanting to play for the club!

      I think they are doing the right thing atm applying pressure on the owners through the press without being too militant.

      By all accounts we should have around 30mil with player sales on top to strengthen in the summer which should keep most of us (and the players) happy.

      I did notice in the article that if we don't start building the new stadium we'll have to pay back 8.2mil we aquired in funding. Which is just money down the drain. We need the new stadium sorting asap for the world cup becausde that will also bring a lot of money into Liverpool area aside from the money the increased capacity will bring into the club.

    • Mysteron...Phil is a TRUE RED...he knows the club and its history and had a very successful spell as stand in manager after Houllier had his heart attack. I for one support his opoint of view.

    • Unless Thompson is hoping to be our new manager?

      Is it wise to cause unrest in a squad thats already unsettled? I don't think he should be advocating mutiny. Our players need firing up sure. Thats down to the manager to get the players all fired up leading to matchday not up to the likes of Thompson.

    • I think he couldn't even make a go of selling fireplace's, the mans a fool.