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    Squad... keepers and goners

    I just read Phil Thomsom's statements


    It got me thinking, so I went the official Liverpool FC squad and looked at every player in the squad, one by one, asking myself the question, is this player going to CONTRIBUTE to help us win the EPL title. This is how I draw the line.


    El Zhar

    It surprised me that most of the players ended up on the bad list. What do you lads think?

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    • Ok then, we'll just leave it there. I understand you were answering neutrals question, but I think a bit of common sense has to be used.

      Anyway, lets just leave it there instead of going round and round in circles repearting ourselves.

    • Daniel, I see what you mean, but I answered neutrals question, which was who do you see helping contribute to winning the title. Thats why I had 19 out, because for the reasons listed imo I don't see them help.

    • I agree with that mate. There is always room for improvement and upgrading players but you originally said (or at least implied) that you would ge rid of all of them at once.

    • Daniel, yes 19 would be out the door, but in stages.

    • Exactly mate. None of this getting rid of 16 players and only keeping 4 like you originally suggested.

    • Daniel, finally some common ground.
      I think you can make wholesale changes, however there are certain things needed for it to happen and currently at Liverpool we don't have them in place.
      Also, I think we will go into next season, with h&g and rafa still in place. I also think that we will get that 4th spot, so I don't see many changes in personnel at all.
      Now if it were up to me, I'd split the squad on paper in two. A elite 11 and the next 11, so in the list earlier you are not looking for 16 class players only 6 or 7, thats your starting point, Bitesize portions, not the whole pie.

    • I agree with you there Mysteron. Players such as Lucas or even Kuyt or Benayoun have been first team regulars but they should really be no more than squad players at a club of our level. What I am saying is it is not a good idea to make wholesale changes and get rid of the entire squad except 4 players. We need to keep the likes of Kuyt etc... to give us that much needed strength in depth. If they can't handle this role within the squad (we should not expect them to be happy - every playetr should want to play every game, but maybe tolerate it) then that will time to move them on.

      As has been asked of you before...who are you going to replace these 16+ players with? We can't go out and buy 16+ players for £20m+ each. In fact, if we did have 20 £20m players then that would cause even more unrest in the squad than if we made Kuyt etc... squad players as every single one of them will be expecting to walk straight into the starting 11 at the price(s) they cost.

    • Trouble is Daniel, we have given some of they expectations above their means. Some of them are only squad players, but because our strength of squad has been poor, they have amased games for us. My betting is they won't be happy going back to squad players, ie babel and riera.

    • So mysteron, none of these players are good enough to be squad players then? We need to keep someone of these players to enable us to have strength in depth. How do you propose we have strong squad (not just first 11) if we get rid off all out players. How are we going to get 22-25 good players to fill out a squad if we sell them all? We need players who aren't great but are good, good enough to come in and do a job every now and then when needed?

      I am not saying you are wrong on all of the players you say to get rid of, but we need to keep the likes of Agger and Benayoung (just to name 2) to give us strenght in depth.

      Lastly, surely Maxi and Aquilani need a bit more time before you unfairly make a judgement on them? I mean, it's not Aquilanis fault he hardly plays, it's Rafas.

    • Adidas, in fact I can go one better than last message I can tell you why they are not going to contribute to us winning the title. No fantasy.
      Cavalieri, The reliance of pepe shows not good enough to fill the gap.
      Itandje, Same as above, not good enough.
      Agger, Good mind and attcking attributes, however dodgy in the air and not commanding enough of the penalty box.
      Carragher, Love him to bits, now short on pace and that makes him a problem defensively in the future.
      Degen, Not shown enough abilty to help the cause.
      Aurélio, Part player at best, errors defensively, not done enough.
      Insua, As a defensive player to many errors, ok going forward. Great heart, may have position as back up to new LB, if happy.
      Johnson, same as Insua.
      Skrtel, Good heart, poor brain, to many errors not commanding.
      Kyrgiakos, Impressive after slow start, age and ability to cover a season a worry.
      Aquilani, Made little and no impression, have to question heart and will to win.
      Benayoun, Age and ability to hold down a position a worry. Has skill.
      Riera, Lost his way, ineffective this season. Attitude a worry.
      Lucas, Too negative, may make a back up to Masch, if happy with that, otherwise not good enough.
      Babel, Inffective, lacks heart, out
      El Zhar, At his age should be pushing for place and has failed to deliver.
      Kuyt, Had his best season last year, now age and form an issue, maybe happy with squad position, not 1st team.
      Rodríguez, Past his best by date, squad backup at best.
      Ngog, Backup to Torres at moment.
      So adidas.

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