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  • that's right fans, muppets, and spammers, jose de pombal, the people's "marquis" is back!! jose sees that liverpool legend thommo's statements have been causing quite a stir lately on this board.... while thommo calls for action to force the yanks into a corner, the one person who seems to slipping under the radar is teflon waffa.... there was definitely some conspiring done between fat tw@t waffa and hicks to rid the club of parry... this then gave hicks the stronger hand of the two yanks in their power struggle..... waffa was then given control of all football matters and a big fat five year contract..... what thommo and others don't seem to realize is that waffa is every bit as dangerous to this club, if not more than the two yanks..... the man was brought in to manage the club, not to get involved in any power struggle..... sadly teflon waffa seems to have a bit of history where power stuggles are concerned..... remember valencia circa 2000? obrigado friends!!!

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