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  • Well obviosly, decent owners, good manager etc. But on the field what are we missing?

    GK? Definetly not. I would argue Reina currently is the best. Gulasci is very talented and only 19. I dont think its anything here.
    Recap: Cavaleri and Itandje out.
    DEF? Somewhat. We have a good RB. Promising talent in Kelly. Insua and Aurelio cover the LB position. CB is no problem. 4 senior CB's and two promising Spaniards as deputies. What we need is play Insua as 1 choice, promote Mavinga as deputy, let Aurelio go, AND buy a player who can play both RB and LB. That was Arbeloa but we dont have him anymore. Lahm would be perfect.
    Recap: Aurelio out, RB/LB player in.

    MID: This is the main problem. Its not CDM, we have Masch, and Lucas as deputy. RM, this is where we need reinforcement. Hazard, Ninis, Gosling, Kroos take your pick. We also LM: After Riera Leaves we will need somebody to compete with Babel. Turan, Mata, Ozil, Silva. CM and CAM: Here we have Gerrard, Aqua, and Benny. if the latter leaves Ozil or Silva to replace him.have Bruna in the background
    Recap: Riera, Benny, Plessis out, Turan and Silva in. Preferably El Zhar out and Hazard or Kroos in.
    FWD: despite general belief i think this isnt the problem. Torres, Kuyt, Ngog, Nemeth and Pacheco. Dalla Valle looking promising in the background.

    So tell me your opinions my fellow Reds

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    • Completely agree with ya! It works fine as a system in spain with their "B" team not able to compete in the same division so why not here?

      We could just feed youth players to Accrington I suppose...as an alternative. ;oD

    • I think Mysteron you are hoping for a Micah Richards or a Rooney to come through and be built like a tank from the off. Ngog will be a really good player when he beefs up. I cant imagine a 20 yr old Trezeguet or Henry coping with Stoke away! The main point is, we do have lots of quality in the youth system (For me Ayala, Nemeth, Pacheco, Ngog, Kelly and Dalle Valle are the only ones who will make it here) and if the senior players had been more consistent then we would have seen them all play more.

      I dont think putting a 19 yr old into a losing team will help develop them too much.

    • There is no long term solution until FA changes the rule about a club can only hava one team playing in all leagues. Let's face it, I think that is the problem why England never challenged the WC after 1966, the whole country just don't have a youth policy.

      Clubs like ManU, Arsenal, Chelsea and us should be allowed to have a second team playing in say the 1st or 2nd Divisions. This is the only way we can speed up the development of our youngsters. It is good for the club and for the country, I just don't understand why the FA is so stubborn!

    • it has but i would be devastated if we let any of the following go in the next 5 years without giving them a chance;
      dalla valle
      san jose

    • Yes you're right mate, it has been very poor in recent years but things are looking up with all of those players malmos mentioned looking like great prospects.

    • Glad we agree on something :-)

    • Sorry if you, hobitez, me, daniel and el nino have been round the houses on this. But I think that is the point I was trying to make our track record on home grown talent/academy has been poor.

    • Mysteron, this is what you said:

      "The youths you mention may be good, but they are not youths. They are between 19 and 23 and they are not established. A good youth player is pushing for a place at 16. Enough said. "

      That is what I have been debating against, that parapraph right there, I wasn't trying to be clever or anything, so sorry if you took it the wrong. Adidas has got it spot on. All of those players have great potential but I would not expect to see them anywhere near the first team at 16 years old, 18-20 maybe but not 16.

      Glad we've cleared that up now. As we've said, the future does look bright and as has been said, it could save us millions in the future, meaning when we do buy, it will be world class players not 'squad' players. In fact even if any of those players dont turn out to be the greatest but do turn out to be decent squad players, then I will be happy.

    • Fingers crossed Misty, we have so many potentially good players coming through I'll be gutted if hardly any of them make the grade, our track level has'nt been great over the last 5-8 years hopefully it's about to change, because if it does'nt we need to be asking why so many players with massive potential have just gone by the by as in recent years.

    • Well done adidas and daniel, I pray that's right, the future looks bright. As its the only way we are gonna stop paying huge fees, by bringing quality players through the ranks. And to post it has been slow, hence my post what are we missing.

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