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  • Enough! Enough! Apr 2, 2010 05:11 Flag

    A potentially great game spoilt by a f*cking useless ref

    Benfica player steamrolls Torres from behind in what should have been a red card tackle, stays on. Babel puts his hand in the face of a Befica player advancing on him in a threatening and agressive manner, red card. Thanks for nothing you good for nothing useles f*cking half *rsed excuse for a ref. Go read the rules and take off the Benfica shirt under your official shirt you sack of dirt.

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    • I noticed a few times Torres was hacked down from behind and the ref did nothing.. As For Carragher he obviously was trying to keep his balance he wasn't deliberately trying to handle the ball..

      Also Babel was hacked down from behind right in front of the ref who did nothing.. So Babel has every right to be irrate. I concur my initial thought were Babel was the one being aggressive.. then in halftime when they showed it again it then seemed Babel was trying to keep the player away from him so pushed him away..

      Also all those firecrackers thrown on the pitch was damn dangerous. They should be banned.

    • Fact is both players ddeserved the red card, Babel for the hand on the face and the Benfica player for the tackle from behind.

      We are only really moaning though because of the Babel red card.

      yes the ref made a bad decision. But we managed to get an away goal, and Insua is banned form the next match so it's not all doom and gloom.

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      • rAFA IS PÄNTS...worst display Ive seen by a ref in a number of years...think he received a brown envelope before the game ?

      • Raf, I'm not going to argue that Babel did not deserve the marching orders, although as I've already stated there is nothing in the laws of the game regarding hands to face, the offense is violent conduct, and anyone who thinks putting a hand to another persons mouth while they are yelling at you and aggressively pushing toward you (and pushing through the ref I might add) is violent might have the words violent and defensive a little mixed up.

        However, it’s become common knowledge in an age where refs are rarely held accountable for mistakes, that hand to face = red card. Whether that is correct or not is not the issue, Babel, and every professional player out there knows that is the case. So Babel made a mistake in the heat of a very hot game. However I find it hard to completely blame him, as while he was foolish, he was defending one of our most important players, so no matter how foolhardy his actions, I at least applaud his sentiment.

        But my bigger problem is the utter lack of control the ref had over the entire game. Put in that light, a player who swipes at another player, and aggressively pushes toward an opponent who complains is let off with a warning. Or another player whose offense is no more than holding hands is shown a yellow. Garcia was continuously fouling, pushing, holding, etc, but was never shown a second yellow. Nor were the center backs for Benfica. And, what about the constant penatly appleals from the Portugese. Either they were being kicked to high heaven, and robbed of scoring opportunities, or they were diving. So why no cards from the ref?

        It’s obvious to me, that the only plausible explanation was the ref operating in a very hostile atmosphere feared heating up the crowd even more if he treated the Benfica players the same way he was treating the Liverpool players. Sign of a weak and inexperienced ref in my mind, but I'm sure that will not be in the match report.

    • The ref was in over his head, no doubt about it, but in my opinion Babel was a total d*ckhead doing what he did, and twice!

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      • Babel's red card was correct, no argument about it, but what the cxnt did to Torres should be red card as well. The tackle was from behind, no chance getting the ball but with full intent to break someone's leg, a career-ending tackle! On a heated evening, if I was Babel, I would kick the guy's balls!

        Having said that, I think Insua's tackle was just as bad, to be fair, he should be sent off as well!

    • I don't normally like whining about the ref in Liverpool games but that guy gotit wrong all night. He had a shocker to put it in a milder manner.

    • real sheety post mate.

      no hands in the face. so he does it, TWICE, right in front of the ref. what did you expect ?

      the ref went easy on liverpool tonight. agger could have easily gone for countless yellows, and I've never seen torres on his arse in any other game. he was going down like a mixture of drogba, ronaldo and gerrard.

      poor post.

    • I agree mate - think the game & atmosphere was too big for them