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  • With City's loss at Old Trafford , and with Spurs likely loss to Chelsea , our lads ain't done just yet thank you very mooch. Will still require some massive events to fall into place......not the least of which is Reds defeating Chelsea next. But.....you never count our Reds out until it's mathematically impossible for them to suceed. El Nino back in the lineup and I like our chances....even after all the doom and gloom.

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    • It will be even harder to keep the faith now with Torres out for the rest of the season.

      This is where Rafa's failure in the transfer market comes back to haunt us.

    • We will never get fourth now.
      rather tottenham get it that man sh.ity.
      goes to show money cant buy everything

    • I for my sins always believe in us until the very end, no matter if its a match, the run in for whatever place in the league, whatever until it's to late. I agree its not up to us as we have to rely on other results but stranger things have happened so the hope is still there.

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      • I for one think we have got quite a good chance to finish 4th now if chelsea beat spurs today then spurs have to play man u away which they can lose then they have to play bolton home and man city away and burnley away and also city have to play arsenal away villa at home and tottenham at home and west ham on the last day so not easy games at all for them so best case for me is man city to lose to aston villa and arsenal and beat tottenham then liverpool will only need a better goal diff then city its still quite a big ask but it can be done if liverpool won the rest of there games.

    • I'm still keeping the dream alive myself but it doesn't look likely. We are 16/1 in the bookies for a reason! I do believe we can get the 12 remaining points but believing City & Spurs are going to get less than 68pts is a bit much considering they are already on 62pts and 61pts with City 4 and Spurs 5 games remaining. Besides, Villa have a better chance than us.

      The lost points against Birmingham and Fulham were pretty much the final nail on the coffin for us. Not in a million years would we have drawn both those games if we had the 'never say die' spirit. The 4-0 hammering of Blackburn last year, 4-4 against Chelsea, 5-1 against Real.. the LFC of any other year bar this year - That should have been our mentality going into those games but I blame the lack of attack especially without Torres for not getting all 3pts in the majority of games this season. N'gog is a championship player.