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  • I'm still keeping the dream alive myself but it doesn't look likely. We are 16/1 in the bookies for a reason! I do believe we can get the 12 remaining points but believing City & Spurs are going to get less than 68pts is a bit much considering they are already on 62pts and 61pts with City 4 and Spurs 5 games remaining. Besides, Villa have a better chance than us.

    The lost points against Birmingham and Fulham were pretty much the final nail on the coffin for us. Not in a million years would we have drawn both those games if we had the 'never say die' spirit. The 4-0 hammering of Blackburn last year, 4-4 against Chelsea, 5-1 against Real.. the LFC of any other year bar this year - That should have been our mentality going into those games but I blame the lack of attack especially without Torres for not getting all 3pts in the majority of games this season. N'gog is a championship player.