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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Apr 20, 2010 06:02 Flag

    Heads up lads

    No Torres but still a convincing win today, and some great play to entertain at the same time. Sure West Ham were poor, but take nothing away from the finish for N'Gog's strike. I know he may not be popular with many of the posters on here, but this is a reserve player who'd been thrown in the deep end of the pool, and he showed tonight he's good enough to at least take a crack at it.

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    • I know the original post was talking about Reina, but someone brought him then we liverpool fans on the liverpool forum started to discuss him instead...is that not allowed?

      Exaclty my point Red, we have been shocking this season but Reina is the one player who has not been under performing, the fact he has the most clean sheets is testament to that.

      So still no answer for adi...when did anyone say Reina was shit but now turning around and saying he's good?

    • That maybe but as the saying goes there is no cigar for second, regardless of how little they spent, it is a success driven industry, and Wenger's job is becoming more perilous as the seasons roll on without success. That's just the way it is, I have been on here for a good number or years and have read many pisstakes from Liverpool fans when Utd have failed to win the league, and he is the most successful manager.

    • lol Red
      Arsenal have been punching well above their weight since they moved to the new stadium
      Many criticise Wenger but as god is my judge i cannot think of another manager who could have got them so far with so little in todays game

    • Only Liverpool fans truly believed that, and the truth is they probably punched better than their weight last season. Like Arsenal this year in many ways, and Arsenal will have to improve to challenge next season.

    • Red
      I think many would have thought after they way they finnished last season that this was going to be Liverpools year
      Who on earth could have forseen the disaster this season has turned out to be

    • Daniel if you want to be pedantic the original post was not talking about Reina so much as saying how N'gog was OK, If you want me to dig I could find plenty to show how the team has been under performing, if anyone if in denial it's Liverpool fans, as I seem to remember the banter being floated around was "this is liverpool's season", I also remember Benitez guaranteeing 4th.

    • Oh yeah...I see you haven't answered malmos' question....care to do so?

    • I agree Red, they are in a select group of the best 'keepers but Reina has kept the most clean sheets in what has been a disastorus season for us so imo he has been the best 'keeper this season.

      I don't care what Van Der Sar, Cech or anybody else has done in previous seasons, I am talking about this season and this season Reina has been the best.

      You are in denial red. The first step to recovery is acceptance.

    • Van Der Sar has accomplished plenty in his career and always performs, Gomez has had a great season, Given has been excellent also, Reina has certainly not been the best keeper in the league this season, he may be in the same company and standard as the others but to stand him out as the best is bold.

      Petr Cech is another who albeit has not been the standard he set himself a few seasons ago he is still in that group and I can't see a stand alone best.

    • Where has anyone mentioned that 'Reina' was sh*t, please enlighten me ?.

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