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    what do you think of tonights result?

    I think we got ourselves in a terrible position.

    we need a cleensheet and two goals.

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    • If it was`nt for their defender( perea) i think liverpool would have won the game.Not bad performance considering the journey they had ,no build up time.
      I blame the F.A for making liverpool play on monday night knowing the situation in iceland.

    • Sideshow I take it you never seen lucas DRIBBLE the ball round the 'keeper for his goal against Benfica? I assume you know nothing of the Lucas who played for Gremio? Who got Brazilian football player of the year? As an ATTACKING midfielder.

    • RUBBISH !!! Get that turnip Benitez down the feckin road !!!

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      • I'd be VERY wary next week, because a certain Mr "Kun" AGUERO will be back! He is Atletico's answer to Torres, hence there will have to be a MAMMOTH performance from the likes of Kuyt, Gerrard, Benayoun and maybe even Babel, seeing as these guys are the only "realistic" hope of getting the 2-3 goals the team needs next week....Forget Ngog, he is NOWHERE near a capable replacement as Torres's No2.....slack defending has to go...all depends though on what team Benitez puts out on the night..

    • Being 1-0 down is no biggy but I was more diassapointed in our overall performance.
      Atletico wasn't that good last night, they were there for the taking. We should of taken the game by the scruff on the neck and finished them off.
      But we sat back and played Raf's defensive style of cr@p football as usual.

      Sick to death on their attitude of it's okay the 2nd leg is at Anfield.

      Can't wait for Rafa to leave in the summer I will cry tears of joy.

    • Excellent result for Chelsea. You're (LFC) going to spend the next week worrying about the second leg, playing your best team in it and having an emotional night just before the Chelsea match. It could have been better: you could have had to go on a long coach journey there and back but hey, can't have everything.

      It still doesn't mean we'll beat you.


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      • Analysis:

        Reina: No complaint, did excelent cant be blaimed for the goal, The man is Liverpool through and through.
        Johnson: Did excellent. Not his fault Rafa is an idiot and plays a striker as a RW.
        Carra: Past it. Should be the next Hyypia. 3 choise CB.
        Soto: Gave his heart out. But you get what you pay for.
        Agger: Out of position. But did well enough.
        Masch: The monster is back. But Rafa cant get a clue that Masch is enough as DM.
        Lucas: Out of position, but still not enough. He should have been sacrifised for Pacheco.
        Benny: The spark we needed. Cant do it alone though.
        Gerrard: Lets just hope he does better at Anfield.
        Ngog: Who? Did he play tonight?

    • I'd prefer that Daniel, as we have discussed johnson before.

    • To be honest they were lucky to get their goal, we could easily have been 3-1 up on another day.

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      • Not a bad result, nor a bad performance, but not great on either count.

        Winning by 2 away goals would have been great. Winning by a single away goal would have been very good. Just getting a draw with an away goal would have been good, but only being 1 down at half time is not bad.

        Performance was flat IMO. Maybe that was partly the journey, maybe partly the more defensive stance Rafa plays when away from home. But also key players did not have great games. N'Gog never looked likely, and Babel did not impress when he came on. Gerrard missed a sitter and was average overall. Back line did not do bad, but they were accountable for us being down by a goal, especially the two central defenders. Carra was burnt for the cross, and Soto gave Forlan way to much space in the 6 yard box.

        I'd expect a much more attack minded set up next week, and lets be honest we've been a different team home versus away, so while needing 2 goals without Torres might not be a given, I'd say its not that big a mountain to climb.

    • My thoughts, good result away from home in europe, but an absolutely shocking performance. Too many errors, no belief. But 1-0 down at half time. We can do it.

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      • Agree with you Mysteron - reasonable result - I think we can turn them over at Anfield.

        As you say the performance was not short of abysmal - we could have come away 0-3 - no problem.

        My worries are we are one-dimensional - no big secret there - Babel is predictable, he cannot beat a man. Ngog is just useless - I fear for us if he is the preferred striker after Torres.

        Gerrard/Lucas were anonymous...players played out of position.

        We don't leave one man up the pitch - mind you we haven't done tthat for years - we invite pressure - if we do that at Anfield, they will score.

      • The game was rubbish, Liverpool were lost. The spanish idiot should be a secretary, all he does in the first halves of games is make notes, however you do not see any improvements in the second halves. Aqualani is a waste of £20M because any manager that pays that kind of money for a player does not have him warming the bench for games like these.

    • Performance was'nt too bad in all honesty, tricky situation though.

      I'm left bewildered why El Zahr was given an opportunity and Aquilani was'nt, this was a perfect game for him to either start in or come on as substitute, I'm more and more coming to the decision that Benitez just does not rate the lad.

    • I´m inclined to agree we are not in as favourable a position as the commentators on Five said tonight. The goal we gave away was dreadful - Kygriakos I think at fault. They may just score at Anfield in which case we need three goals´- quite a tall order with the likes of Ngog and Babel as the main strike force in the absence of Torres. I thought we were more than capable of scoring tonight had we played a bit more adventurously and moved the ball better.