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  • i dont mean that he could win a league on his own but i mean if u brought him to liverpool and him, alone, then it could make the difference for u to win the league. He is all u need

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    • I'd say we are going to have to wait in the shadows for a couple of years to rebuild our squad especially if City get 4th because god knows who they will buy. I think 7th this year is what we will end up at which is dreadful - but to be honest, as expected considering the team we have at the moment. 7th is actually pretty good for us without Torres and Gerrard because I would class a team without them around 12th-15th in the table so if we took them out for the whole season we would have been rightly fcuked.

      There needs to be car-boot sale to a larger degree outside Anfield for the next few summers and just sell off your N'gogs, Lucas's for cheap prices to low league sides where they belong and keep the spine of the team (Reina, Johnson, Agger, Gerrard and Torres should be all that remains after a 5-year cull).

      Obviously you cant sell them all off at once because for every say 4 you sell that might generate roughly £20m so you can get one football player. But if rich generous owners come in you could get rid of them faster. It should be a 5-year structure to get us back to where we were and it can only be done by a) getting new owners who are wealthy, love the club and class success as an ambition b) get rid of Rafa and replace him with somebody who wants PL success not 'improvement' because that should come as standard every weekend anyway and c) get rid of the sh!te Rafa brought in and replace them with quality not people who get a 'free ride' under the crest of a successful club.

    • So all we need is a 35 year old manc right back to turn us into a title winning side? You must be having a laugh! So we don't need a better back up for Torres? We don't need some wingers? New centre back? Left back?

      That is quite a ridiculous statement.

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      • Daniel and Disteer,i don't come on very often lately as i think there is a lot of stupid comments posted just like the ones on this thread-current and ex scumchester players to the pool what a joke,lucky the dick P&S hasn't seen this he'd take the p#ss big time. We need big investment and a manager with a clue a smentioned before on here that maybe Roy Hodgeson might do a job??

      • Well daniel b, if im honest... you need all of them. and the tone of ur post merely expresses the extent to which u need all of these new players if u r to finish in the top 4. However, money does not seem to b something in the pockets of Liverpool football club at the moment so looking towards free transfers such as gary neville seems to b the only option.