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    Chelsea game dilemma

    From Chelsea's perspective this is the decisive game of the EPL season.

    From our point of view we are fighting to get into the CL.

    For me it comes down to which sentiment is stronger... my dislike for ManUre, or to desire to keep fighting for a slight chance to get into Europe's top competition.

    This season has been so disappointing for us, that I really don't care if we finish 4th ot 5th or 8th. I want this season to be over now!

    I'll rather see us playing Europa league next season than seeing MU getting ahead of us in the EPL trophy tally.

    What do you guys think?

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    • Its not your concern beating chelski,means helping United win the prem.
      You do it for for your club,& possible 4th spot.United could draw or lose to sunderland...would that make it your problem.
      You have to do whats right for your club with its tradition & history.
      Anyway do you want to see drogba & co do that funny dance in front of your Kop if they win..on your last home game of the season.
      It's your day ...hope so...1

    • Neutral, you are a disgrace for even thinking of throwing in the towel. You're not a proper Liverpool fan, you're just a pussy.

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      • 'disgrace for throwing in the towel'

        Misses the point completely. We're as likely to get 4th spot now as Hull are to avoid the drop. I and many on Merseyside would rather anything than see United overtake our record. For the very first time since Blackburn in '95 I'm not rooting for a Liverpool win on Sunday.

        People can say what they like about not being a true fan or any other BS but only if you're up here and experiencing the rivalry between us and them first hand can you fully understand. Go to Old Trafford on a Liverpool away fixture and see the sick graffiti about Hillsborough and Heysel all over the surrounding buildings and you'll get an idea why the desire to see United fail is second only to that of seeing us succeed. .

    • those of you saying you should forget about the mancs and focus on yourselves this weekend might want to think about the amount of manc shyte you are going to put up with on here for the next eternity.....think about it, they lose ronaldo and tevez last summer and still win the fkin title, eclipsing your record and doing 4 in a row for the first time.

      even if you can respect the club for their achievement it is the complete cnuts from their side of the fence that inhabit this place and will set up camp here if you hand them the title that you might want to consider. those hate filled bstrds who love cramming your history down your throats and laughing at your clubs expense. why give them yet another reason to laugh at you or your club? deep down you must really want chelsea to prevail and stop those gobby arrogant wnkers from making life completely miserable for the rest of the footballing world.....

    • No I don't care if they are one ahead we need to focus on us. If they win it on merit so be it. A winning mentality means you want to beat the best so we just have to start rebuilding and then take the record back over.....

    • Well if beating Chelsea gets us that 4th spot then we need to do that. Despite us loathing the fact, if we beat Chelsea, we've all but handed ManUre the title..

      So our own interests must come before that of other clubs..

      Chelsea shouldn't expect us to do them a favour. Would they do a similar favour? I sincerely doubt it...

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      • Actually a year without CL will do LFC a world of good.

        The owners, manager and everyone at the club need to go back to the drawing if Liverpool are to be more competitive again.

        Take Bayern Munich as an example, they were in similar position as Liverpool 2-3 seasons ago having failed to qualify for the CL, they used the time to re-stock and got rid of some very average players in their ranks. Bayern are now reaping the reward and back on top of the German Bundesliga and almost certain of a CL final place with either Inter Milan or Barcelona at the Bernabeu.

        Liverpool would be papering over the cracks if they make CL next season as there are many issues that urgently need sorting out at the club - a year out of Europe's elite competition will give the club (owners, manager and those responsible for scouting talents) a much needed time to reflect on the club's future plans.