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    Rafa has picked up on.

    Something I have said for the last 20 games, what a manager.


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    • This exactly the same problem we had last season, people were wanting Alvaro Arbeloa to get forward when he did and was caught out of position people started complaining, we then signed Glen Johnson an attacking RB, to have an attacking RB you the need a quality natural right winger or right midfielder that knows exactly when to and when not too track back hence this is why the reason Johnson is caught out of position as much as he is, until we get natural balance on either flank then this will continue to happen plain and simple.

      Look at Chelsea:

      RB Ivanovic RW Cole
      LB Cole LW Malouda

      Look at Man Utd:

      RB Neville RW Valencia
      LB Evra LW Nani

      Look at Aston Villa:

      RB Cuellar RW Milner
      LB Warnock LW Young

      Anybody see what I'm getting at, natural balance with natural wingers, we just don't have that unfortunately.

    • Yes he is a significant player...he is our only right back for god sake!

      He really can't be that bad otherwise he wouldn't be Englands number one right back.

      Also, if he really is that bad as a right back he is going to be even worse on the left!

      Anyway, I will say again, we need to score the goals, we are losing 1-0, we need Johnsons ability going forward. We need to think of how we are going to score and make them worry about us rather than us worrying about them.

    • Daniel, you say johnson is a significant player. He is a liability. His first job is to defend, and he can't do it. I'll give you he is a help going forward but...

    • But Johnson is a significant player to choose to put there as you are taking away our only right back so then that's another position that needs filling. Then you put our best defensive midfielder there which that needs filling, and filling by someone not as good in that role. This is not the game for experimenting and testing these sorts of things.

      As for Carra and Agger dealing with him coming down the line...that's what the fullbacks are for, I find it strange you say that. Also, if they are coming out to deal with him coming down the line who is there to deal with Forlan and Aguero...we all seen what Forlan can do when given half a chance plus the superb Aguero on top.

      As adi said earlier on, if Reyes doesn't get any joy down one side he'll just swap with Simao and Johnson would have to deal with someone going the other way round him so defeats your main point of putting him there.

      IMO this idea definetly poses more problems than it solves.

      One final note, as I've said a few times already you seem more concerned about what they are going to do to us rather than thinking about how we can make them worry about us. We need to think about attacking and scoring goals...we are losing after all.

    • Daniel, I wanted a right footed player to stop reyes cutting inside. I chose johnson, it could of been masch or lucas. I wasn't bothered about reyes going down the line, carra and agger could of dealt with that. Break it down at the source, so that we can attack.

    • So your solution to the problem is to move Johnson to left back where he is going to look even more defensively frail and we would also lose his attacking qualities as well.

      As I said if we didn't have a left sided defender to play there then yes playing him there would very much be a viable option but when we have Agger available I think it is just moving players around for the sake of it.

    • I admit Agger has looked more assured than Insua.

    • Another way of looking at it is, we added johnson and it hasn't worked, it has unsettled the defence.

    • Just to add to that, Agger hasn't been playing left back all season but since he has, we have looked a lot more assured in defence. If he wasn't available along with Insua then your idea could be goer but with Agger available I would much rather have him at left back than any other player in the squad, even Insua.

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