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  • Russ Russ Apr 30, 2010 20:21 Flag

    Why has Rafa not been sacked ?

    In 2005 we won the champions league, with a team Rafa inherited from Gérard Houllier. After 6 years and £229.65 million spent on players we can not win the europa cup. The muppet is calling for more money, which as far as I can see we can not afford. We have no champions league which makes it even harder to attract quality players, so yet again if he is given money he will spend it on mediocre players which will not improve the squad at all. With this record why is this muppet still at the club ? If this had been any other team he would have been sacked today. Why are the Liverpool board and some of the Liverpool fans still backing this idiot ?

    How much further down does this idiot have to take Liverpool before we all see that fatman is no good for this club, and he is finally shown the door ?

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    • Rafa hasn't been sacked for a few reasons..

      1 it's uncertain atm regarding the ownership.

      2 Not affording to be able to sack Rafa

      3. Finding the right man for the job rather than rushing into hiring someone else..

      Those are the 3 main reasons imho..

    • Maybe semantics to some, but when you try to construct an argument it’s helpful to be accurate.

      You say he spent 220+M, and has asked to be given more. Fair and accurate statement, however while he has spent over 220M, he was only given about 80M. It’s a bit of a difference, so be careful equating what he's spent, with what you think he should be given.

      Put it another way, take Rafa out of the equation, and how much, if funds were available, do you think is a reasonable amount a manager should be given to move Liverpool forward? Would a transfer kitty of 10M, 15M, 20M, 30M, 50M, or even more be required?

      Just putting it into context, even with over 220M spent over 6 Years, that equates to just over 13M per year provided by the club.

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      • £220 million over 6 years is 36.7 million.

        I do not think any amount of money will make Rafa a success, we need a new manager. Take Harry Redknapp he has spent £45 million and they look at much better team than us, this being a team which was near the bottom of the table when he took over. It is not all about money, it is how the manger motivate the players, the tattics he plays, playing players in there best positions, making the correct decision about substitutes, and signing players which take the team forward, not backwards.

        Today I have read a report that suggest that tomorrow is Rafa last game at Anfield, I hope it is, because if fatlad is still here next season I fear for our future.

      • Not on subject sorry...

        But just a thought - I think I was reading on the 'Keane' thread started by John C - an article about the ins-and-outs of who did or didnt sign Keane...and at that point in Rafa's tenure he had spent something like £170M .v. £69M recouped. So at that point he was spending £20M a season - semantics as you say.

        I'm intrigued as to the other costs we dont see / know about - ie the replacement of entire back room staff, appointments of Dalglish, Rush etc..little bits of money spent on 'minor' players and the academy (which we now hear is a disaster from within).

        I'm not sure Rafa has had the money he required - but I'm also wondering if given that money he would have completely changed his mindset as to how the game should be played?

        Not sure I really care anymore...

    • Ok guys realize we don't have to pay him a fortune if we do it right....If Rafa goes to another club we only owe him 5 million as he has now mitigated his expenses...FatLad is an Ego maniac and would jump at Juve or Real if we wanted him gone we should encourage him to start talking to them by telling him his days are numbered...

    • We have no cutting-edge in the penalty box....who bought the squad we have ? NGOG EL ZHAR....this iswhat Benitez turns to
      when Torres is injured ??? Give me a break !!! The best money LFC can spend right now would be if they were to tell this clown he can negotiate with Juve Real whoever he wants and also with us over his comp package pare it down to the absolute miimum and get him down the feckin road ....ASAP !!! Then aoint King Kenny and lets get back to pass and MOVE !!!...instead of this dull as dishwater strategy of ::hold position::

    • Why has he not been sacked? Because he'll get paid off far too much, and the board cant afford it. Its been said many many times.

      Plus Rafas a cunt, a spanish one