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  • DEREK W DEREK W May 8, 2010 17:15 Flag

    what has happened to the great liverpool

    that i remember....yes,i am a spurs supporter but liverpool always had a place in my heart....when they played spurs at WHL they were games to savour....you play superb attacking football.....you have some world class players and yet like us you have underachieved....why?....is it benitez....wrong tactics,wrong selection...you deserve better with your fantastic loyal support...wish you well.....football needs a resurgent liverpool

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    • LFC atm are a sleeping giant.. When we wake up then other clubs beware...

    • Yeah...good luck to Spurs you deserve your achievement this year. Glad you got the spot over City.....just proves that you dont really need a sh@t load of money to succeed, just a bunch of committed players who will respond to the very best English manager currently on the scene, 'Arry is a little genius, and has been for a long time!......oh and yeah......you also need to have a minimum of 3 quality strikers to see you through a season......even Gerry Houlier knew that obvious requirement .......but RBenny dont seem to recognise it at all

    • We just got unlucky with injuries this season. Make sure you make the most of the CL spot, you may not get it next season!

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      • upyours...Obvious why u picked such an obnoxious pen-name or should I use the expression non de plume ? perhaps not with u eh ? Spurs have played quality attacking and ENTERTAINING footie this season...unlike us under the yoke of Benitez and his hideous :hold-position: tactics...good luck to Spurs and I can only hope Benitez is gone soon before next season starts and we have someone at the helm who can get us back into PASS AND MOVE !!! mode. We were once known as the most knowledgeable and fair fans in the country...more like u and that reputation will defo be gone.

    • DEREK W...Well done Spurs...u have players of ability who have gone out there with 'Arrys blessing and attempted to always entertain us with an attacking display ...good luck in ECLC next season...yes u are right SPURS V LFC at WHL was always one to look fw to and Ive attended a good few myself over the years...not much to look fw to now though reason being in a word...BENITEZ !!! AND HIS DIRE SAFETY FIRST /HOLD-POSITION/ TACTICS...dont want to loan us 'Arry next season do u ...lol.