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  • Miguel Miguel May 10, 2010 00:59 Flag

    What a finish!

    Nil nil to a team we thrashed at the beginning of the season. Not even the ability to take sixth place on a day when all our rivals slipped up. It can´t get any worse - or can it?? Yes, no new owners and Rafa staying!! Thank goodness the season is over!

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    • I only saw highlights, so may not be best placed to comment, but I seem to remember many saying we should put out a side with those we want to put in the shop window, or even give the youngsters a run out. So why all the complaints for El Zhar getting a start, and surely young Robinson getting a run out was not such a bad thing? Besides, hitting the woodwork twice does not strike me as a bore draw.

    • 2. Rafa has had the money to buy players for the positions we are lacking. After playing Gerrard on the right wing for a whole season, Jermaine Pennant was brought for the right wing job, and although he was not that bad, Rafa decided to play Kuyt there instead. In the end he was let go on a free, we paid £6.7m. Mark Gonzalez brought in for £1.5m as a left winger another Rafa flop, left for £500,000. Ryan Babel brought for 11.5m not sure if Rafa wanted him for the right or left side or as a striker, which ever way he is a failure, hopefully sold soon. Andrea Dossena brought for £7m played a few good games, but generally a flop, sold for £3.6m. Yossi Benayoun brought for £5m and is a decent player, but again Rafa prefers to play a striker on the right wing :rolleyes: Glen Johnson £18m brought as a right back, another failure, although I think he could solve are right wing problem. How can you give this man big money ?

      4.I would like to see us play a 4-1-3-2 more. With a good defensive midfielder, Gerrard can play his best position attacking center midfield.

      6. Rafa might have more success if he listened, Rafa come across to me as someone like Gordon Brown, who thinks his idea's are always right, and if you disagree then you are out. I might be wrong here, but he has fell out with a lot of people during the 6 years he has been here. Alonso, Pennant, Crouch, Rick Parry, George Gillett, Tom Hicks, Torres ? I could go on.



    • RUSS...As u say ....just ask 'Arry !

    • I'd like to see Rafa given one more season with a transfer kitty to allow him to bring in the very good players. If Rafa still hasn't won the EPL by then, then yes he should either resign or be sacked. As he'd have no excuses..

    • A few points..

      1. smaller clubs raise their game when they play us.

      2. we're not at full strength

      3. Rafa as yet hasn't had a huge transfer kitty the likes of Man City, Man Utd, Chelsea.. enjoy transfer window afer transfer window, season afer season..

      4. When Rafa gets the said transfer kitty and we're on a level playing field retgarding monies then we'll see what Rafa is made of..

      5. H&G promised to match the above clubs for spending (aside from Man City: hadn't been bought out at that time). Yet they never did. People may bang on yes but Rafa has spent £200m+ maybe so but thats over 5 yrs and yet still never got £50m+ a transfer window that Man Utd, Chelsea got to play with..

      So think of that before criticising Rafa.. no manager is perfect. yet Rafa couldn't buy the players he was after cos he was denied funds.. Case in point David Silva, Arshavin (yes believe it or not we wanted him and was told by our owners: NO !!) theirs been many othwer examples of very good players that Rafa wanted to bring here but again was denied the money despite asking for more control.. Hicks still denied funds.

      Hicks has a history of doing the same thing at other sports clubs he owns.. So maybe we shouldn't be so hard on Rafa.

      Had the promises H&G been kept I dare say we'd have won the EPL by now if not more than once..

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      • When I see messages like this, I can not believe what I am reading.

        Rafa has been here 6 years, in that time we have gone backwards. He has had quality players and has sold them as he does not rate them, or as he has fell out with them. One player we could have done with this year is Crouch, who is now playing for a team which has qualified for the champions league. If you look at the other players we have had and then sold for a loss in most cases, you will see most of them are doing better at other clubs under good managers.

        If you believe that Rafa is going to have or should have the money to buy players like Villa, then you will be disapointed, as there is no way the yanks can/will stump up that much money. I hope they tell the fat idiot he can have no money at all then he can p*ss off and we can get a better manger in who will get more out of the players than Rafa ever could.

        You could give Rafa £500m and he still would not win the EPL. Next season he will not get us back into the champions league, we will have to watch more p*ss poor performances, and he will still continue to keep his job, as he is holding the club to ransom.

        All can say is those who think Rafa should stay, are just as responsible for ruining this club, as the yanks or Rafa himself.

    • N'gog says it all. How in gods name is he at our club? He is dreadful. Disgrace that he gets a sniff at a position at LFC. Same goes for Lucas and El Zhar. Laughable squad.

    • Thank god the season is finished. I hope Rafa now goes, because if he stays I am sure this is the sort of performance we can expect from now on. If we do get rid of some of the dead wood and buy replacements, I still can not see how we will be any better under Rafa.

      Please go now Rafa, before you make this club more of a laughing stock.

    • The El Zahr inclusion is the tip of the iceberg for me, he is absolute garbage, I've seen more talent in my left gonad.

      Another thing, final game of the season, why Masch at RB, why El Zahr on the right, why Kuyt up top on his lonesome, we could have gone with Kelly at RB, young Robinson at LB if we needed to, or Babel up top, oh balls to it.


      He's gone not to lose again against a team already down, I'm pig sick of the Spanish idiot now.

    • Close enough to our strongest side against Hull just there and 0-0.. what utter sh!te. My god we are useless. Thank fcuk this season is over.