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  • What a load of crap sideshow. All our current problems are down to the incompetence of the management fullstop. If he hadn't bought shit and kept the good players he got rid of and used the sqauad properly we would be top of the PL. Winning the PL these days is so much more important and its all about the money, money, money. Money to attract TV, players and backers and the sale of the club would have been easy. Its the best legal drug you can get and infects everyone involved with the club instead we face years of cold-turkey.

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    • famus 1...u are right sideshow is wrong. Our problems are not all down to who Benitez sold most are down to who he BOUGHT !
      BUT...I do think we could have used the following that he sold, r u listening Sideshow ?...Crouch, Keane, Bellamy...all of whomare far more capaable of finding the net than the likes of NGOG a true lightweight no-hoper El Zhar what is this bloke doing anywhere near the club let alone wearing the shirt. How can Benitez say in the press this last two days that Yossi a class act a flair player has no future at the club when the previous two havent been mentioned as having no future at the club...btw...who was it chased and bought Yossi ? Benitez policy on transfers seems a bit akin to sticking u hand in a Lucky-dip-bag !???

    • hmmmmm another football fan who knows **** all!

    • who were the good players he sold other than alonso who wanted to go? Please who am i missing and who is lfc missing? oh i count and rate arbeola too but he also wanted to leave.