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    Beginning of next season.

    Is the start where all Premier League clubs have to name at least 8 homegrown players in the squad of 25 players for the coming season, I'm pretty certain this means that the players have to either be English / British born or have served at least 3 years with a club in England or Wales between the ages 16-21 years old irrespective of their nationality.

    We already have 3 in Glenn Johnson, Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerrard, who from our current crop would you add as the other 5 players, it could be 4 as Insua may drop into the homegrown category.

    Here is a list:-

    Goalkeepers: Peter Gulacsi / Dean Bouzanis / Martin Hansen

    Defenders: Daniel Ayala / Martin Kelly / Stephen Darby / Jack Robinson / Andre Wisdom / Alex Cooper

    Midfielders: David Amoo / Gerrardo Bruna / Francisco Duran / Alex Kacaniklic / Jonjo Shelvey / Jay Spearing / Steven Irwin / Thomas Ince

    Strikers: Krizstian Nemeth / Andras Simon / Lauri Dalle Valle ???? / Michael Ngoo

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    • Cheers Daniel, so much negativity from people on here is actually making me want the Youth to secceed more than anything I'm of the opinion that each and every poster that says, "maybe they just are'nt good enough" clearly does not watch them at all nevermind the odd game, but maybe they will never get the chance, but funnily enough players of equal ability at the precise moment in time at other clubs, Man City, Man Utd, Arsenal etc, were given a chance by their respective managers but our was not, makes you wonder does'nt it.

      Watch these youngsters for once, your opinion might even change ;)

    • I didn't say that I only saw 3 minutes at hull, Daniel. However, he did play left midfield and not left back, and showed more desire than babel.

    • Great posts about the youths there adi, all of them.

      Mysteron, just one thing I noticed you said...after seeing Robinson for 3 mins against Hull you say he is more accomplished than Babel...how can you seriously come to that conclusion about a 16 year old after just 3 minutes against an already relegated team on the last day of the season with nothing to play for?

    • Now I disagree with we don't put teams away, our u18s have comfortably beaten teams this season Fulham 3-0, Leicester 3-0 & 5-1, Sunderland 3-0, West Brom 4-1, Blackburn 3-0, Everton 2-0, Wolves 2-0, Stoke 3-0, Middlesbrough 3-0, Leeds 4-0, Huddersfield 4-0, Derby 4-0 all games I have seen myself on LFC TV over the past season, they have had a few setbacks along the way but that is to be expected under the newly appointed Rodolfo Borello who has brought in new ideas the barren run of form also coincided with the departure of the influential Chris Buchtmann, players stepping up from the u16s, but they are a fanstastic set of players that are coming through.

      Now the reserves have laboured through the season even though finishing second but the reserves have one of the most inexperienced young sides in the that particular league, but in saying that they have still done well and finished a well deserved second even when playing against players of the calibre as Gabriel Obertan, Michel Salgado, Richie De Laet, Abdi Ibrahim, Daryl Murphy, Nyron Nosworthy, Wes Brown, Phillip Senderos, Victor Anichebe all first team players at their respective clubs and some of our players have actually outshone these players in the said games, this is what gives me great belief that some of the player can cut it, especially with better players around them, albeit not as first team starters but squad members, yes, playing with better more experienced players can only sustain their progression from potentially good players to actual good players.

      As I said I'm set in my ways :-)

    • Adidas, now that last message I agree with. We have had some youth players that are every bit as good as other clubs. And yet.
      The one thing I noticed when I catch up on Lfctv, is that we don't put teams away. We just get over the line and that maybe why we don't use them at senior level.

    • And I'll keep beating the drum mate, I'm set in my ways and won't change opinion ;).

      You make a good point "However, in your defence that could be because of the manager", the reason why I'm very insistent on things such as certain Youth players being given a chance is I have seen our Youth team against teams as such as Man Utd, Arsenal, Man City over recent years and some of our youngsters in those particular games outshone players of the calibre as Nedum Onuoha, Danny Wellbeck, Daniel Sturridge, Micah Richards, Jack Willshere, Kiko Macheda, Shelum Logan etc, and some of our players have looked equally as good but whilst these players were then propelled into first teams, players such as Paul Anderson, Adam Hamill, Jack Hobbs, Krizstian Nemeth, Mikel San Jose, Miki Roque, Jay Spearing etc who all showed early promise have either wallowed away into the wilderness or are still knocking about with the reserves on a path to nowhere.

      Now I'm not saying that all of these players would have made it or not, but what I'm alittle peeved off about is these players who showed equally as much promise as the players above have never been given a chance at Liverpool FC whereas the opposition players are making decent careers out of things with their respective clubs, now whether this is down to the players just not progressing as much as everybody initially thought or whether it's down to just plain and simply not been given a chance I don't know, but what I have seen with players such as Macheda, Gibbs, Wellbeck, Sturridge and so on si there game improve with playing with players of better calibre and more experience.

    • You are right, Robinson would not of played if Insua was fit, but unlike babel when given the opportunity he looked accomplished.

      You keep beating the drum, but the truth is if they were that good they would be in the team and they are not, in fact they are not in the squad are they. However, in your defence that could be because of the manager.

      Adidas, you always do your homework on the youth/reserves, that is something I admire, but there must be a reason they are not involved.

    • So let me get this right, you are basing your judgement of this player after seeing 3 minutes of the lad against Hull City, for me it's asking way too much of a 16 year old who will need time to grow into the player that potentially he's tipped to be, the physical aspect of the Premier League would be too much for him, he needs at least a season with the u18s and then the reserves before he makes the step up, let's be honest Mysteron here he would not have been in the squad to face Hull if Insua had been fit, how many games do you actually think he will get if your choice is correct, because trust me if he's selected and never gets a game then his progression will stagnate, in fact we might aswell throw Raheem Sterling into the mix.

      But you still won't admit that players such as Krizstian Nemeth who has featured for the first team now in 2 Pre-Seasons, had a season on loan in Greece with AEK Athens, capped by Hungary at every level and now selected for their first team, and a player quoted by Rafa Benitez as the 'most natural finisher at the club' other than Fernando Torres should be given a chance, and are actually ready, if players like this in your opinion are'nt ready now they will never be good enough.

      The same then can be said about Lauri Dalle Valle, potentially the best player to come out Finland since Jari Litmanen bangs goals in for fun for the u18s and the reserves, a player that we signed from Inter Milan, a likened to our current no.9, a player that already has featured for every level with Finland and refuses to play for their u21s as he wants to play for Italy.

      You can the add to this Jonjo Shelvey a fantastic 18 year old talent with already over 40 first team games under his belt in the physical League 1, Andre Wisdom a monster of a CB highly rated and capped at England u21 level, Alex Kacaniklic highly rated left winger capped by Sweden at every level one of the unsung heroes of our very good reserve team this list is endless I could go on.

      I just wish people would actually take on board that we have players that can make the step up and if they are'nt given a chance very soon then we are going to lose some of the most talented youngsters this club has had in years, I have done my homework and take great pride in seeing some of these younsters perfrom week in week out over the last 2 years, this is exactly why I'm so set in my ways that some of these players are actually ready.

    • We had this discussion before Adidas about what age they should be pushing for the first team, and this 16 year old left back will give our current left back a run for his money. He is the one that is good enough for the step up. My only worry is that he is treated right, not allowed to burn out.

    • I'd just like to question one of your selections on the initial list Mysteron of I may, you state that a few of them are'nt ready for the first team or should I add the majority of the players, yet you add a player that is 16 years old never played for the u18s, never played for the reserves and has had 10 minutes of first team football, I just can't work this choice out for the life in me.

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