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  • arnoldlayne arnoldlayne May 22, 2010 01:38 Flag

    RIP LFC?

    Is this the beginning of the end for this once great club? rafa seems set to stay, no new owners on the horizon and worst of all, the majority of fans seem content to sit back and take it.... because after all, we are loyal (loyal or just plain dumb?). Without going over the whole rafa-led 'revolution' of the last 6 years, it comes down to this...... we have 3 top players (reina, gerrard, torres) & 1 guy who would die for the club (carra). After 6 years of him, we finish in 7th place, crap in the cups and yet, last home game of the season a large section the fans are singing rafa's name! Add to that a chelsea fan in the boardroom and 2 con artists who are trying to double their money by selling a dying club. The latest rafa tactic it seems is to sign british players cause 'they know what it means to play for a club like us' (it took him 6 yrs to figure that out!?). Although when you look at the amount of young players he has signed in those 6 yrs and the fact not one single player has made it into the 1st team it does not bode well for these guys. Finally, all this stuff about torres/gerrard leaving, well even 2/3 yrs ago i would have said 'no way.... they would be traitors', but now, and i hate myself for saying it, who could blame them?

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    • Yea I did say I would go support Chelsea.., that was said out of frustration... my heart will always be with LFC...

      I'd love it if we got back to winning ways.. Man UTD & Chelsea want Rafa to stay cos in their eyes we'll never win the EPL with him in charge..

      I dunno what'll happen next season.. I sure hope Rafa has learnt his leasson as us coming 7th must be the kick up the arse he needed.. I sure hope he realises that his tactics are flawed and that he needs to play 2 upfront now and again.. rather than sticking with his solo striker in every game..

    • How about if everyone stopped buying merchandise etc. Then the value of the club would drop (or it would get into more debt) and the american robbers would not be able to cream off any more and they would be forced to sell at a lower price. Then once the club are in safe hands (we hope) everyone can go back to buying the new kits and all the other merchandise they have been missing out on giving the new ownership a little boost in income.

    • Pardon, you obviously missed the carra interview. The part where he said "anyone who doesn't want to be there can clear off". Clearly the brightness of the silverware at chelski and manure has affected your thought process. I saw the good times of the 70's and am sometimes angry at the displays of recent times, but I will forever follow my tribe. Can you say the same thing.

    • and you are? idiot

    • Don't worry Daniel, 'hindsight' is a wonderful thing lol.

      Oh, and because it was'nt said on here, no Liverpool supporter complained ;).

    • Arnold, there is a difference between should not and what is fact. Although I agree with what you said about why he played so many games and in no way should he be first choice left back, I still there is a place for him in the squad, he still has plenty of time to get better and become a quality player.

      And the fact is he is a member of the first whether we like it or not.

      Adi, I agree would still like to have Riise at the club (and before someone says I never seen anyone complaining when he was sold, I never posted on here then and yes I was complaining). If even he wasn't first choice anymore, he could still do a decent job at both left back and left midfield and he loved the club so would have been a very valuable squad player.

    • You aren't all there are you arnold.

    • Premier league Paper Round: Rafa to stay at Liverpool.

      oh deep joy, i couldnt be happier for you all.

      villa 'til i die.

    • There comes a time when you just have to accept that whatever we say or do on this blog, the bare facts are that if fatty is still in charge next season, we are going nowhere fast. All the other premiership managers who lost their jobs last season (some justly, others unjustly) will all go on to manage other clubs, but the reason they were sacked was that they didn't deliver. So WHY is fatty being protected????? This is not about him anymore. He is just a crap employee. It is the club who are in control of his destiny. When he says that he wants to stay at Anfield...well, my fat useless friend, IT IS NOT YOUR DECISION TO MAKE. It is the club who is at fault, and while my support for the club is strong, my belief in them is waning because I cannot for the life of me understand why he hasn't been sacked. False promises, crap team, insane decisions on and off the pitch, and so many excuses, it makes my head spin. There is only ONE solution to our current dilemmas....SACK HIM BEFORE ITS TOO LATE. We need new blood NOW. Oh yea, if the finacial arguements still rage on, then trust me, with him at the helm, we are going to lose a lot more than if we just pay him to f**k off now

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