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    that's it folks.... mourinho has proved himself to be the master and abramovich must be kicking himself.. what an amazing trophy haul and only 47 years old! six domestic titles in three different leagues... back-to-back titles in three different leagues, three european cups, numerous domestic cups... the man is a genius.. add to that the fact that his interviews are much better than the boring garbage the likes of fat pie-eater benitez and other bore premiership managers feed us week in, week out.. he is destined to be back in the league that he loves, here in england.. let's all just hope it isn't the mancs he decides to grace with his winning ways... obrigado friends and all hail the master.. obrigado!!!

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      he he

    • Jose you flatter yourself to much if you think people are racing to answer every question you post. Fact is majority of your posts are so banal most like me past them by without reading them.

    • Good evening all, mr Paisley, Dan and Adidas. Well I just can't agree more with you lads. Mourinho has left all his clubs in very good shape.

      Why steer and co thinks that a 'short term' Jose employment is bad for the club I don't know.
      Infact it's all sounding really pathetic for the Rafa sympahisers and indeed it sounds so desperate that they're now claiming that 'winning at all costs isn't the Liverpool way' WTF???

      I'd take Jose for a short term fix all day long. At least he'd leave us with a decent squad. Proof is in the pudding, and of course he'd didn't spend much at Milan or indeed Porto.

    • His point is this Bakes...

      "Winning at all costs is not the Liverpool tradition" - Mysteron

      ahahah ahahahaha AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! It gets fcuking funnier every time i read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Wouldn't be so bad if that was written by an inferior fan like your Bakes who alas has NEVER experienced the elation of winning a title BUT this RIDICULOUS statement is from a 51 year old!!!!

      That''s why him and STEER are my favourite whipping boys - two plastic cnuts who SHOULD know better... but DON'T!!!!

    • And what's your point mysteron? Its not his fault if the talent isn't there, thats the job of the scouts and academy coaches, at least he has given them a chance.

      I really dont get what your point is

    • I'm not failing to see any bigger picture I'm merely pointing out that Mourinho has left all 3 clubs, FC Porto, Chelsea and Inter Milan with very good foundations at Youth level and left them in excellent shape for years to come, the players coming through now actually prove this.

      So your point on "Because of the short length of time at the club and his passion for signings, the academy would suffer", is actually flawed as if you take time to look into such a thing shows exactly the opposite.

    • Adidas, another one looking at the smaller picture. But hey what does it really matter.

    • Two problems there Daniel did and tried.

    • I know that's your view, I am just pointing out a few facts. You can have whatever view you want.

      With regards to it being isolated cases...read joses post above, it shows that he did try to do the same at chelsea.

    • Not just different views mate, think part of the problem is that people want everything to be back and white. It would be easy if it was all Rafa's fault, or all the owners fault, or that simply bringing a top coach like Jose would solve things. Problem is the world is a lot more complicated that that, and only by probing all the possibilities and issues do we have any hope of really uncovering things.

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