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  • eloader eloader May 27, 2010 18:32 Flag

    Aldo speaks on Ownership


    I'm not usually a big fan of ex-players coming in and giving an opinion on the current state of the club, usually its very unhelpful to the cause in the long term but Aldo is spot on here.

    Get ye gone!

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    • The only thing that will remove these 2 idiots from power is either RBS making them lower their asking price or some Billionaire giving them what they are asking which I really cannot see.

      The opinion of John Aldridge to these 2 is water off a ducks back, they simply don't give a sh*t.

    • I don't know the detail of the refinancing agreement, but it is logical to assume that the yanks will put in a clause to set a floor price, I guess in the region of 600m pounds. That's why Broughton is having troubles getting buyers to meet the minimum price.

    • Hi Ricky

      I'm sure I remember reading that part of the finance restructure was that the bank insisted on a 5 man board to review bids and vote upon them (to remove the ability of H & G to continually kick out realistic bids).

      Do you (or anyone else) know anything about this?

    • Ricky and Psred, Thats right, there is a problem over the asking price. The yanks apparently want £850m, while Broughtons mob value the club at £350m. Added to which is the need for an extra £300m for the stadium. Hence Broughtons troubles in finding a quick sale.

    • Under the fit and proper rule of the FA, Hicks cannot own a EPL club after one of his companies gone bankrupt!

      I think there are serious buyers out there, but they all want to see Hicks hit the dust first. So, most likely scenerio:

      1) Over the next 2 months Broughton comes up with bids ranging from 400-500m depending how how to deal with the debt, but the yanks turn them all down.
      2) Broughton resigns after 3 months with the yanks being greedy
      3) After Broughton left, RBS call in loans, likely in November 2010
      4) LFC go through administration and get 9 point deduction
      5) White knight steps in, pay off debt of 380m to all creditors, buy LFC for 1 pound!
      6) December 2010 - Rise of the phoenix