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  • Kenny 7 Suarez Kenny 7 Suarez Jul 2, 2010 02:52 Flag

    Broughton confirmed Abu Dhabi rumour??

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    • Broughton has not been truthful with his answers! I know for sure that there is a minimum valuation. To say that there is no basement valuation is utter bulls! I know someone in Barclays Capital, although they won't say what is the floor price, there is one. My guess is 600m pounds! That's why there is no offer so far!

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      • Of course there is going to a be minimum but not what the yanks are quoting.
        This is an auction now, Tom Hicks can quote all he wants how he see it 800 mill. the fact is Broughton has said a few times now that the true valuation of the club is nowhere near the prices Hicks is quoting, he went on air to try and push for that amount as a last ditch attempt as he legally has no say about how much the club should be bought for.

        The minimum bid will be what RBS and Barclays think the club is worth which will be around 400 mill.

        People should be rejoicing, it is out of the yanks hands, they have no say what so ever.
        As Broughton said "they had stepped aside..no stepped down from their position so have no involvement what soever in how and how much the club will be sold for".

        Plus he said it won't nessecarily be sold to the highest bidder but the bidder who can provide funds for the stadium and player funds plus the financial clout to finance the the continue running of the club on a day to day basis for the long term.

        I like Broughton he says it like it is, this guy WILL do the best deal that is offered for Liverpool, Chelsea fan or not as he said when questioned about this.
        "I have been put here to do a job and that is what I am and will do till completion, I am legally bound to make sure that Liverpool are bought out by the BEST and MOST suitable buyer to make sure the future of Liverpool football club is assured for many years to come and I will do this as if I didn't obligate to do it to the best interest of the club then I will damage my own Proffesional reputation.