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  • sideshow sideshow Jul 6, 2010 22:33 Flag

    Torres: 3 yrs left son!

    Why on earth is he wanting talks with Hodgson about the clubs plans before 'deciding his future'.....He has nothing to decide. He has 3 years left. Of course there are clubs after him, and the CLUB decide whether to allow him to speak with them. HE has nothing to decide. This is what is wrong with the game. Rafa took a chance on him adapting to English football, he had a great first season then has played about 50% of the next two, got a reputation without really delivering the goods consistently because we can't get him on the field often enough, and now he thinks HE can decide what happens next. When you sign that 110k a week contract nino boy, that means you COMMIT to the club. I thought Torres was red thru and thru, he certainly gave that impression. IMO anyone fluttering their eyelashes to a domestic rival, doesn't and couldn;t have ever, given two hoots for our club!

    I'd see it as the sign of a strong manager if Roy said 'you are our player Nando, see you back here, and you'll do your best for us, if you do well we MIGHT consider accepting an offer in a year'.

    The rebuilding job is so big, that UNLESS we need the funds to save administration, those on long enough contracts to get us through this year, need to be kept. Torres going would mean we are left with Ngog, Nemeth and Pacheco up front. We would in all likelyhood have to consider moving Babel, Kuyt, Jovanovic, up top (all makeshift strikers), or buy 3/4 new ones. What an ugly thought!

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