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    • Great post Dave. Seriously mate, quality post.

    • Hahaha i didn't even realise that mate...pretty gutted now lol I was just playing as well mate.

    • Colin, first off you take the word of Yossi and Albert as gospel, while I do not. I'm not saying they are lying, but it is just one side of the story.

      Second, I've been that low man in the organization before, and rocking the boat does not get you what you want, and can easily back fire as I've seen people labeled as troublemakers no matter how valid their gripes maybe.

      But seriously do you think that either Yossi or Albert are really small men in the organization. Both well paid, and both given plenty of chances to show their stuff. Its not news to have a player not be fancied by the manager, but most in that situation don't go running off to the press.

      Your old enough to remember Fairclough, the lad hardly ever got a start, and I'm sure could have run off and got a starting place with many first division teams. But did you ever hear him complain, let alone give an exclusive to a rag like News of the World? No he buckled down and did what he could to impress the gaffer.

      I don't have a problem with players wanting to leave for more football. I don't have a problem with fans complaining when their favorite players don't get the playing time they think they deserve. That's just difference in opinion, and the spice on a message board. But I do have a problem with players who think they are bigger than the club and the people (whether you like them or not) charged with managing the club, especially when they take that frustration out by pegging up the dirty laundry in public. If you can't take the heat of the kitchen, then get out of the kitchen, but don't moan about it to anyone will listen. This is LFC, not some soap opera.

    • I like sausage sandwiches for sunday breakfast.

    • I know what you meant Dan but you actually mistyped and said "I would like to meet them in a dark alley" much to my amusement!

    • I agree with the whole move to Chelsea, and my immediate thoughts to some other friends before I knew all the facts, was why go there when they have wingers like Malouda, Kalou, Zhirkov, Anelka and maybe Cole (at the time). But he's probably a less skilled but adequate replacement for Cole so maybe he's just a 35 or 40 minute sub like you say, or an occasional starter, but then you have to factor in the "winning" card.

      I'm sure other than Liverpool, none of the other aspiring Top 4 could offer him first team, so he went with the next best thing and the chance to win 1 to many trophies, and to be honest, Chelsea are probably the best team right now.

      As for Agger, I don't think he looks like Skrtel, and obviously I've never seen him live like you guys but I think on tv he just always looks mean and pissed off, not to mention his arm is all sleeved up with tats. Over here in the states when a big 6'3 guy with an arm sleeve looks pissed off, you stay away. But hey if he's the "teddy bear" than skrtel can be the grizzly as long as they push strikers around and keep clean sheets is all that matters..

    • No mate happyily engaged to a female but I guess we all now know image that statement evokes in your mind dont we ;-)

      That's the point, I wouldn't like to meet them down a dark alley. Have you never heard of that saying before in regrads to a big scary b@stard...you don't wont to meet them cause they might take your head off!

    • Daniel, are you some sort of strange, gay fetish fan? Why is it that you want Soto and Skrtel down a dark alley?! :)

    • Well I would like to see him and Skrtel bareing down on me in a dark alley.

      I do partly agree with what you are saying, Agger is no where near as scary as Skrtel or Soto the Greek but I think he is a very imposing figure, especially with mutant ninja skrtel alongside him.

    • Oh, come on, Agger is a good player with an occasional depressingly effective shot. But scary, he ain't.


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