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  • Jason Jason Jul 15, 2010 04:42 Flag

    Another player blames Rafa

    Yossi was told he would not be in the squad for the final game vs Hull, and he and his agent could begin sorting out his future with another club, which they did as stated by Yossi. (FYI, I myself and the people I was watching with were completely bewildered at seeing the squad fielded for the final game @ Hull and not even seeing Yossi's name in the bench, especially considering the massive amount of injuries and good form he had displayed prior to that. Didn't that say something..?)

    Upon that time as advised by Rafa, they successfully negotiated with Chelsea on a contract which became tabloid rumors and Yahoo news, but could not be officially announced until the beginning of the transfer period which began after Rafa had been released as manager, but before Yossi knew he would would be released as manager. He had already put ink to paper in fear or uncertainty that Rafa would still be the manager for the upcoming season and pass up a chance to join Chelsea, not to mention he had already signed a contract, and in breaking such he would have forfeited and owed them a whole lot of cash.

    Since Yossi is now at least the, what 5th-6th player to verbally state things like this about Rafa wouldn't you tend to think he's the guilty party and not the world against him? I mean Xabi Alonso is a world class, world cup winning player and said Rafa was the reason he left. Even Riera was in the Spain squad for all of the qualifying and scored goals as starting left wing prior to his dismissal, and then he missed out on the WC. Did you hear any great sorrow from Gerrard, Torres, Glen, Aquilani etc? The only players who had anything somewhat positive or acted surprised were Mascherano, Kuyt and the defenders... why, because they are giant monsters who are paid to crush people, I don't think Rafa could do too much to intimidate any of them other than benching them. I think Skrtel and Agger eat crushed glass and nails for dinner, Rafa couldn't scare them one bit.

    I do not like the idea of Yossi playing for Chelsea one bit, but since he had to take the chance of finding another club, and a good one rather than chancing another season of being in and out of the squad and under appreciated and under used, he took the chance and found a great club. If it were Hull City or Blackpool he may have thought differently, but he had no clue Rafa would be gone and for a chance to win silverware he took the leap. He was a player who wore his heart on his sleeve every time out, and I take his word for it.