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  • Jason Jason Jul 15, 2010 07:12 Flag

    Another player blames Rafa

    I didn't mean to take any shots at Blackpool, Hull City and they were just the first 2 names to come to mind, and I was writing with a bit of anger at the time. I would have to 100% agree with you that he did not read the article, which by the way was also given in quotations to Sky Sports who are a quite respected/respectable source.

    Yossi was one of the players who I really thought left it out on the field every single time, even if he was a bit hurt or out of form and he could have been deployed in so many more roles aside from left wing to maximize our team throughout all the injuries. I take Yossi's words very strongly and based on the very small window of time he had, plus the complete darkness over Rafas future paired with what he claims Rafa said. I have no problem with his decision, just hope he doesn't score against us.

    In world football you never really know what's truth and what's fiction, but after having Rafa on board for all these years and hearing his constant repetitive rhetoric after games, and the same excuses bla bla bla, I have to go with a player who used to run to the Kop and kiss his LFC crest every time he or someone else scored. He just renewed his contract last season and said at one point he loves life at Anfield. Even if DAN didn't read the article, the overall body of work, and amount of players who've spoken out stack the odds against Mr. Benitez.

    Rafa did a good job early on, did well 2 seasons ago, but never embraced English football and the style and type of players needed. I'm happy for the great moments he brought, but he peaked and it was time to move on. I cannot stand people who are just pure Rafa apologists because he won @ Instanbul and worked under tight budget constraints etc. David Moyes, Harry Redknapp would have had last year's team much closer to a CL spot than he did regardless of the money and injuries. In any walk of life, it's impossible to perform for someone you do not respect or do not look up to and LFC lacked unity and passion last year, that much like sh-t, trickles down hill.