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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Jul 14, 2010 22:45 Flag

    Another player blames Rafa

    If we hear the truth, then maybe you have a point, but then again I don't need to see how sausage is made to know I like it!

    But, is it the truth? Seems very likely we're getting a he said, she said here. We had an awful season by our standards, and now some people are after the fact doing the blame game IMO.

    Maybe you’re right and its all the facts, but then again maybe its not, and its only excuses.

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    • You may be right but, on the other hand, why shouldn't players give their side of the story if they feel they have been badly treated? Premiership football is played out in public before fans and TV audiences. We don't know why a manager picks certain players and not others. Managers get to tell their side of the story as they please. Why shouldn't players too?

      The criticism of Benayoun suggests he has been disloyal. Maybe it should be seen that he didn't say anything until he and Benitez had both left. You might say he still shouldn't have said anything, but it could be that he kept quiet while he was a Liverpool player out of a sense of loyalty.

      I'm still surprised he has gone to Chelsea. Other than Chelsea's recent weakness for Israelis who don't last very long, I'm not sure why it has happened.


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      • Robert just two things to say.

        First off I don't think its right to say managers get their say so why not players. I've not heard RB bad mouth either Riera or Yossi in the press. What a manager does is let his actions do the talking for him. In the case of Riera he benched him and then put him on the transfer list, but he did not go running to The Sun, TNOW or even a real newspaper. For me players should do the same thing. They have plenty of opportunity to show the manager what kind of player and person they are on the training ground, and if they impress, do the same on the pitch so the fans can see it.

        The second thing to say I've already said, but worth mentioning again. Your right football is played out in public, but to stretch my analogy sausages are also served in restaurants that are also very public, but as I said before I have no interest in seeing how sausages are made. Training grounds are the prep rooms for clubs, and the dressing room the kitchen. I don't need to see into either to enjoy the public display that is served up on the pitch.

    • Actually, we aren't getting a he said/she said at all. What we are getting are quite a few players continuing to indicate in various ways, and thereby confirm what many outsiders/fans suspected over the last few seasons, that a certain ex-manager was a total ar se ho le when it came to player management and that he had his little pets and his one dimensional "style" and that was the sum total of the person.
      Don't hear or read of too many inside the club actually supporting the little man now he has gone. All seem mightily relieved, from what I can gather.
      As for your sausage analogy, extend it to cigarette companies. Thank krist there were a few decent people involved in that little fiasco who were prepared to tell outside people what was really going on in the back room otherwise we might all still be sucking all of those poisons deep into our lungs and paying well over the top for the privilige of doing so.
      Sometimes people just have to make a stand and tell it like it is, for the sake of the rest of us.
      Now, when Gerrard and Carra and co start slamming Benny and others for talking shyte I will be prepared to reassess my understandings but until then all I can say is that their continued silence speaks volumes.
      Just as an afterthought, I can't help but feel that mercenary Masch's desire to move to Inter says an awful lot about RB as far as I am concerned.

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      • Would you really expect Gerrard or any other senior player no matter how they feel jump into this back and forth with ex players? Would you have respect for them, or do you think it shows a bit more character to move on?

        Actually it’s only a back, seems to me Rafa has not entered the fray, its just ex players doing a bit of venting for not getting what they wanted. But like I've said many times on this subject, this has very little to do with Rafa. For me it’s about character of players. Those that push on with the job at hand show one type of character, while those running to the press about whose to blame show quite another type of character. I'll let you and others decide which type you'd like to pull on the Red shirt each week.

      • Ajay, just wondered if you fancied having a gander at the new board one of the lads has set up:


        I'm not saying abandon yahoo as i am/will still be posting here. Just gives us an extra place to discuss our beloved LFC.

        Same goes for likes of Jason, Dave, Colin, Hobz, Armchair, Sideshow etc...

      • AJAY ...Just posted up on this thread but want to say agree totally with all u say in this post. Yes Im sure u are right on the Masch issue get him down the road let him link back up with Benitez so long as Benitez coughs up what he valued him at when he was our manager...Many times last season I used the term :salary-mercenary: in relation to Masch I originated the term on this board and since, its been taken up by others...its what he is and we have others like him and imo sooner we are rid of them the better it will be for Roy the fans and the club and heres hoping weve learntour lesson and we go back to signing ONLY those who have as Bob Paisley used to say :the right attitude for this club: .