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    • My two cents worth?
      Not a great fan of Benny as a player (still think he is just ordinary, not really LFC first 11 quality) but he did wait until after events were settled before saying anything.
      Not so Riera and I think many/most of us were a bit annoyed by his remarks "in-season".
      However, season is over, Rafa is gone and Benny's transfer is a done deal. So for mine, it is good to hear the truth about Rafa's dealings with the players. Lots of speculation and rumours during the last season but we can only hear the facts from the participants, themselves. And now is the time to hear this, when the season is over and the dust is settling.
      It's important for me, at least to know what went on and helps explain why decisions were made at the end of the day.
      Now, here's to a new season, a new manager, a few new players, hopefully some good football and just maybe a result or two.

    • Yossi, his agent, or the press officer seem to have parked their brains. First off, the argument he left because of Rafa holds no water with Rafa gone. Second deciding to give this story as an exclusive this paper, well if that is not 2 fingers up to the fans I'm not sure what is.

      He moved to Chelsea as he saw LFC as a ship in decline. If he'd been honest about that I'd at least have some respect still for a player I always liked. However seems to me he's painted himself in a very bad light.

    • Yeah if that teddy bear is a grizzly one!

    • It really was funny, I can't ever remember seeing a ref jog away holding up a yellow.. It's usually the player trying to run away. If I can ever find the clip I'll send it..

      He seemed to be coming back to form towards the end of the season until he broke his foot, however like you say he was in top form during 08/09 and I think Agger was pretty damn good last year.

      I for one think if they are paired together, Glen learns a little defense, and we find or improve left back, with Pepe as the stopper, we have a rock for a back 5.

    • So Alex, what is the excuse for Yossi leaving after Rafa had already left? It is a poor excuse for him to blame Rafa, Rafa was long gone by the time Yossi joined Chelsea. If he wanted to stay he could have pulled out of the deal.

    • Daniel, are you some sort of strange, gay fetish fan? Why is it that you want Soto and Skrtel down a dark alley?! :)

    • DANIEL B...OK point taken. IMO Yossi had every right to take his side of the story to the press ...why ? Because when he was on the payrole with us he did as u put it keep his trap shut. Benitez didnt he used the press to further his own best interests when ever it suited him to do so.
      Another poster recently stated that the number of players who have now spoken out against Benitez and his style of management and personal mistreatment stacks the evidence up well against him and his style or I should say lack of style as a manager. Whatever domain u work in u will not work well for someone who clearly disrespects u and it seems we had the last two seasons far too many players who were very disenchanted...by the way Roy says today he has inherited a clearly :very disenchanted squad:. What caused their disenchantment do u think, couldnt have been Benitez could it?
      Roy is our manager now and Im 100% in support of the man but I think it is necessary that players who did not speak out against Benitez at the time he was here have the right now hes gone to give an airing in the press to their side of the story, perhaps they feel the FANS also have the right to hear their side of the story particularly if they are still with us ;after all we have the right as fans to criticise their performances week in week out , maybe they just want to set the record straight and let us all know just why they underperformed last season...as a fan Im interested to hear their side of the story rather than just have the one side of the story on record...that of Benitez. We have the right of FREE SPEECH in this country still...I think ?

    • I agree with the whole move to Chelsea, and my immediate thoughts to some other friends before I knew all the facts, was why go there when they have wingers like Malouda, Kalou, Zhirkov, Anelka and maybe Cole (at the time). But he's probably a less skilled but adequate replacement for Cole so maybe he's just a 35 or 40 minute sub like you say, or an occasional starter, but then you have to factor in the "winning" card.

      I'm sure other than Liverpool, none of the other aspiring Top 4 could offer him first team, so he went with the next best thing and the chance to win 1 to many trophies, and to be honest, Chelsea are probably the best team right now.

      As for Agger, I don't think he looks like Skrtel, and obviously I've never seen him live like you guys but I think on tv he just always looks mean and pissed off, not to mention his arm is all sleeved up with tats. Over here in the states when a big 6'3 guy with an arm sleeve looks pissed off, you stay away. But hey if he's the "teddy bear" than skrtel can be the grizzly as long as they push strikers around and keep clean sheets is all that matters..

    • No I didn't see the Netherlands vs Slovakia game but I can quite believe it. Skrtel is a scary bugger, I just hope he can regain the form or 2008-2009 as he was pretty poor last season imo. He did look good at the World Cup so hopefully that is him on the way back to his best.

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