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    Winter break..

    It's been suggested that the EPL needs a winter break for a few weeks to let players rest and it'll improve England's chances..

    They supposedly do that in Germany, and we know how good the German national side is.. So what do we think? Should the FA impose a 3 week break in the winter to let players rest somthey're not burned out.

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    • I have never even seen that.That maybe what clubs prefer to do but it is not a set in stone rule. It is way too easy to get round that rule by saying I can't find an English player who is right for the position, the club, the price, his personality doesn't fit in with the rest of the team etc... there would be way too many loopholes.

      Now you show me a link to something official saying that then I will gladly apologise.

      Do you actually know/understand what you are saying?

      How does the quota system not work? It is in place this season (and I don't think there will be a problem with it) with having to have 8 homegrown players.

    • Who used the words 'in the old days'??

      It is all relative and the players today are fitter and everything else you said. The payback should be longer endurance and shorter recovery times.
      Of course there seems to be a tendency to get injured easier, though I also think this could be down in part to the training regime.

    • I'm sorry, is this a wind up? a piss take?
      You guys can't really be serious, can you?
      We, and I count myself totally english even if I am forced to live in the colonies, played badly at the world cup because we didn't have a winter break?
      Come on, guys. Get real and face the facts.
      We played badly at the WC because we had a truck load of ordinary players who have no confidence in their own footballing abilities - which is little wonder when you see how the press hangs anyone who even looks like making a mistake (football, cricket, tiddlywinks, the game makes no difference).
      The England selectors have the ability to hand pick a group of very ordinary players with absolutely no flair, no genuine vision and seemingly little talent, hand them over to a foreign manager and then expect them to perform some sort of miracle.
      Our one great hope in all of that mediocrity was Rooney and his poor showing was obviously a major disappointment.
      The few other genuine talents that we can currently boast - Theo Walcott, Peter Crouch, Aaron Lennon, Joe Hart, Adam Johnson, Gabby Agbonlahor, Leighton Baines and Phil Jagielka started how many WC games between them?
      And you can see how hard it is to pick GENUINE world class talent when you go through the squad lists of the 20 EPL teams. Lots of stars but, hey, they all come from other countries. The english lads are mostly just ordianry.
      If there are even less games then those few hangers on in good squads will have even less chance to play good football and hence improve.
      If you really want to improve the quality of english players you need to do what they did in cricket a few years back - limit the number of foreigners, get english lads playing alongside quality foreigners, get them playing proper football instead of kcik and run and then maybe you might see an england team with a real chance of lifting some major trophies.

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      • I agree Ajay.

        So, say that we get a 3wk winter break, will that fix England's problems?

        The main problem is that England can't play as a team. Gerrard and Lampard have no synergy at all. One of Spain's keys to success is to have 7 players from the same team as the backbone of the national team. Puyol, Pique, Xavi, Busquets, Pedro, Iniesta, and VIlla understand each other to perfection.

        The top EPL teams have backbones of foreign players. Take away the top 5 teams and you will be hard pressed to find just one quality player. You can't go anywhere on those premises.

    • To be honest I'm not sure what a winter break would achieve. Bottom line, even if we sandwich in a break, there is still the same number of games to play, and with a winter break it’s more likely we'll get congestion at the end of the season.

      If the real reason for England not doing well is player fatigue (which I'm not sure it is as Kuyt seems spritely throughout the WC) then it is less games we should be advocating, not when the games are played.

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      • When we won the World Cup (who remembers that?) teams played 42 games a year and didn't have a winter break. The players nowadays are supposed to be healthier and fitter than those of years gone by. When I was young enough I trained twice in the week, played Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. Okay I was a bit knackered Monday morning but I was up for training again on Tuesday evening. At the end of the season I was upset because it came too early. I just do not understand how these over paid footballers nowadays play two games a week and by mid October the re is talk of them being tired and needing to be rested, hence dropping most of the first team from League Cup games. Sorry but I have no sympathy. Let's face it the England squad, for whatever reason, just were not good enough.

        Yes, let's get an England manager when Capello goes.

        Also the best leagues in Europe play the same number of games as the English, didn't seem to hinder their players.

    • Fair enough. I do agree that it would take away the nostalga of the FA Cup, that is why I said only to reduce the number of games in a season.

    • Also, the magic of the cup is when you get Diddly-Squat United up against the mighty Liverpool and for them a draw is the most fantastic result because they get to play again, so home and away. That should be retained, I think, even if it causes the mighty club a bit of inconvenience. Serves them right for not winning.


    • "What, so you lot don't have the embarrassment of twice failing to beat Reading? "


      Still think they should be scrapped IF we are trying to reduce the number of games played. Other than for that reason, I do tend to agree.

    • What, so you lot don't have the embarrassment of twice failing to beat Reading?

      Actually I think it added to the charm of the FA Cup when you could have multiple replays and would like any system rather than penalties. There's also the issue that not having a replay seems to give an added advantage to the home team.


    • Fewer league games armchair? Don't be soft. Can you really see all 20 premierleague chairmen agreeing to reduce the number of teams in the league meaning in one season we would have to relegate more than 3 teams? Don't think so.

    • Would it help the national team? Perhaps. Maybe we should only do it in WC years. I am against it as I am a Liverpool fan 40-60 games a year and a England fan for maybe 5-6. The winter period is my favourite time as a football fan as I can drink and eat all day then avoid embarrisng family meetings by watching game after game.

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