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  • Jason Jason Jul 17, 2010 00:50 Flag

    Loic Remy

    He does sound great on paper, but 15.5 is an awful lot to spend on one player who is still somewhat of an unknown quantity isn't it? I could only find footage of him taking pks on youtube, nothing else really.

    Hodgson confirmed the club has been tracking him for 5 years, prior to his arrival, however before making a commitment he would need to study and evaulate the player himself which is more than fair.

    The team have far too many needs to take this gamble in my opinion, unless he turns into a 20 goal player. But still is that's what is needed? It could take away Torres' effectiveness, as he operates so much better alone with a support player. I prefer someone half the price that can start in support and occasionally lead the line and chip in 12 goals when torres breaks a fingernail.. (Personally from everything I've seen, read and heard I think Nemeth would be excellent, but I can't figure out what they don't see in him?) Maybe someone can enlighten me on him because it's a great mystery..

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    • Seems like a very seriously expensive gamble for an unknown quantity,tracking him for 5 years-why has it taken so long to see if he has what it takes?? 15.5m could be spent elsewhere
      seems like a lot of dosh to gamble considering we were all fearful of what kinda money we had to spend!! France under 21's anyone know of any other french under 21's we had??????

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      • If they are going to dish out that kind of money, with such tight budget constraints it has to be a winner!. They could get a proven commodity or two for that kind of money. And, if they are going to spend that kind of cash on a young "talent" they might as well move for Mario Ballotelli from Inter. He's big,strong, fast and had played and scored at the top levels for 2 years now and highly in demand by United and City.

        Whatever the case may be, they have to find stiker cover immediately, David Ngog is the only experienced senior striker available for Europa League qualification in 2 weeks!! (Torres hurt, Kuyt unavailable, Nemeth on loan or cast on some mysterious island somewhere, Keane and Crouch oh wait....