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    Pacheco hints a returning to Spain

    Having scored again today as Spain beat England 3-1, the papers indicate that he has hinted that he may go back to Spain. I would hate that.

    'Liverpool's Dani Pacheco, who has hinted he could return to his homeland this summer, opened the scoring with 12 minutes gone after good work by Keko Gallardo.'

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    • Hi Colin

      Blimey. I know you didn't like Rafa buddy but surely you can't blame him alone for everything that went wrong in the club whilst saying that everything went right was down to someone else?

      He's gone mate - let it go.

    • I am watching u-19 final, Spain vs France, I am very impressed with Dani Pacheco. He does a lot of work upfront, as well as at the midfield.

      We have to keep this kid!

    • dsteer....think u are clinging to u RAFA memories a little too tenaciously mate...just as with Wilson it wasnt Benitez first spotted him and recommended him to the club it was King Kenny so credit where credit is due but that credit is NOT due Benitez. Likewise with the youngsters, some of whom did VERY good work in Macedonia last night ! Just because Benitez was the manager when these youngsters came to the club doesnt mean Benitez should get all the credit for their arrival better toconsider all the backroomstaff and the guy who first spotted such talent and that guy rest assured would not have been Benitez. Benitez WAS responsible forbuying in at generally inflated prices much of the SQUADDIE-DROSS Roy is doing his level best to rid us of right now. Also check out someof the salaries afforded the likes of Insua and Ngog when they signed for us in both cases that salary is the very reason these two lightweights refuse to move on after good offers have been received for both from Fiorentina and WBA respectively ...
      No doubt the salaries offered them are probably less than half the princely sum they currently receive from us ! Me thinks there may have been a littel jiggery-pokery on the part of certain individuals involved where setting these individuals salaries before they signed for us was concerned.

    • Like I said I have no problem with people discussing Rafa, if I did I would have to have a problem with people discussing Bill Shankly and Bob Paisley as well but I don't. I will repeat myself, again. I think you were being hypocritical there because one day you slate people for bringing up negative points about Rafa but then you go an bring up a positive. You only ever seem to be able to discuss Rafa when it's a positive but you won't hear a bad word said against in. Maybe if you hadn't pulled people up for bringing Rafa up now that he has left the club I wouldn't be doing the same. And no, there really was no relevance in bringing him up here.

    • F*ck off Xabi, it doesn't concern you.


      Roy needs to speak with the talented little Spaniard and let him know he does feature in his plans and he will get playing time for us this season.

    • Bit of a difference between slagging someone off in order to start an argument, and mentioning, in a neutral manner (nothing was implied). I think I did the latter and not the former so not sure what you see that is hypocritical

    • No Dave it's not that I didn't think it was worth quoting it's that I felt you were implying Rafa should still be manager to keep continuity at the Academy? If Rafa was such a fan of consistentcy at the Academy and Reserve level, why did he himself chop and change it around so much? One bad season and Ablett gets the sack...now Rafa knows how he feels eh. I really don't think Roys arrival will have much effect of the Academy and he will give the young lads a chance.

      I have no problem with people discussing Rafa, he is part of our history and he should be talked about, both positively and negatively but you have told people to stop talking about Rafa because he is gone now, I just find it a bit hypocritical for you to now turn around and do the same.

    • I'm not trying to open up the whole Rafa debate, although there are plenty of things he gave our club that I think will help us gong forward, but I'm sure others can list things they think he did to hurt us. So lets not go there. I'm all for debate, but this is ground well covered.

      My point in raising him was that he provided a consistent management umbrella to the youth program and reserves, much like SAF has with the Mancs. He's not directly responsible for the players recruited or the day to day, but was a strong influence but for me a real consistency which is the point I was trying to make.

      With him gone I don't see a lot of changes as the real king pin for youth development is now Kenny, and so long as he stays with us hopefully we'll have that consistency, develop some top class players, and then success will breed success.

    • rafa needed a change but i was sorry to see him go as he is a top manager and i feel a better manger than woy but last season did for him and he lost the dressing room and towards the end the fans but for anyone to say not to mention him is wrong and impossible because his legacy is here in the spine of the team which is fantastic,he lft us with possibly the best keeper and striker in the prem,turned gerrard into an attacking midfielder,brought in top class centre halves in agger and skrtel for roughly the same amount of money as utd spent on smalling and without doubt the squad is stronger than the one he inherited from houllier and we at least have some young players who are on the fringes of first team action and in pacheco a real talent

    • The need, is the next line which you decided was not worth quoting, that we had a single manager for an extended period of time so a consistent force to protect the program. It does not matter whether that is Rafa, or anyone else, but constant chopping and changing will never produce results. It would be like digging up your garden every 2 weeks and wondering why nothing grows.

      btw, why have a go for mentioning Rafa? Is it not okay to raise him on items that maybe he did a good job at? Seems plenty still taking the opportunity to taking parting shots at him, so why not actually praise him for anything he might have actually got right.

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