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  • mel n mel n Jul 31, 2010 12:58 Flag

    This could be the year of gloom and doom for LFC.

    Normally I await a new season with a sense of anticipation and optimism. This year is an exception however, for the first time , I am looking forward to the new season with fear and trepidation as I feel this will be a defining season which will determine whether the club retains its place in the upper echelons of English football or retreats into mid table mediocrity.

    Already the signs are that things are not rosy. For a start we are now struggling to attract players, Luke Young ( a nobody) declined to join us the other day. Cole opting for us was viewed as a major coup and Torres is mulling about his future, Macherano wants away (good riddance in my opinion as he has the manners of Maradona), even nonentities like El Zhar want out. All these events when viewed individually are nothing to worry about but collectively they paint a gloomy picture .

    I am sure that if we dont finish in the top 4 this season, the next off season will be much more chaotic. Torres will most definitely leave, Stevie may as well, not to mention Pepe Reina who I feel is the most important of them all. Its not losing them that is scary but attracting good replacements. We dont seem equipped as a club to avoid the calamity that is threatening our continued existence as a football powerhouse.

    Letting Rafa go was the correct decision, even though he is a very good manager he never managed to identify the recipe for success needed in the Premier League and had completely lost the dressing room, his man management skills also left a lot to be desired and his treatment of Benayoun was deplorable to say the least. But having gotten rid of him, the club needed to either upgrade or hire someone of the same calibre, unfortunately there are not a lot of managers of the same ilk out there, Mourinho, Van Gaal, Hiddink, Guardiola, Lippi, Capello, Wenger and SAF are the most notable names that spring to mind. Obviously it would have been next to impossible to snare any of the top guns with the club ownership issue still unresolved. However the club had a very great opportunity to capitalise on its misfortune when Kenny Dalglish expressed interest in the job. This was a godsend, there is no doubt that Kenny is viewed as a winner by many football enthusiasts and nobody but our moronic owners can, on a choice between Roy and Kenny view the former as a better choice for Liverpool football club. All they needed to have done was give Kenny the job on a caretaker basis citing ownership resolution as the main reason when in fact they would be testing the waters to see if Kenny still had the midas touch, that way if things did not work out , the King would have walked away with his reputation as a Liverpool legend still intact, hopefully by then the club would be having new owners and resources to attract a bigger name.

    Rafa may not have been a major success but who can forget the magical nights when he masterminded the demise of the likes of Barcelona, Juventus, Real Madrid and Inter, clubs who at the time where streets ahead of us in talent and capability. I just cannot picture Roy orchestrating something like that, I am not saying he will make us a worse team, he might actually make us play a more attractive brand of football (to be honest Rafa's style sucked mostly ), but I dont foresee him tactically getting the better of Mourinho or SAF or Guardiola in the Champions League. The best we can hope for is that he manages to guide us back into the top 4, a task which if he manages will be the icing on his managerial CV. But while that would be a milestone for him, it is the least that is expected of LFC which means that what our manager would view as a major personal success would not necessarily be much of a success for the club.

    I would love to be proved wrong!!!

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    • I am not so gloomy as you. I think under Roy, we have a strong possibility of recapturing top 4. You are right in pointing out Roy may not be able to mastermind a win over Barca, Real Madrid and Inter, but to get to top 4, we don't need to beat Chelsea, ManU and Arsenal, we just need to make sure we don't lose silly games like Portsmouth! Pointwise, it make no difference you win ManU and then lose to Fulham immediately in the following game, or lose to ManU but win the Fulham game! Our downfall last season was we were not able to win points from weaker teams. It took Rafa 4 years to suss out how to beat ManU, but when he did, he forgot how to beat Portsmouth!

      Yes, those nights beating Barca, Milan were special, but from heaven we fell to hell by losing to Wigan, Portsmouth.