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  • A Yahoo! User Aug 12, 2010 19:36 Flag

    Season over... in SEPTEMBER?

    Good afternoon flop-ites and plastics...

    Looking at the fixture list it's PLAIN to see that this years 'title challenge' will be OVER even quicker than usual this term friends...

    Arsenal look quality with many young guns coming through.

    The Mancs look formidable and with the new Mexican wonderkid will be a force

    Brum continue to strengthen under the expert management of McLeish

    and of course the AWESOME Man CITEH are collecting worldclass players for FUN whilst we scratch around for anyone 30 and over going for CHEAP hahahahaha

    Face it lads - with a projected FOUR LOSSES by the end of September this season is OVER... but of course YOU no-life brainaches can't see it... CAN YOU

    It's going to be a nightmare for YOU on and off the field this term lads... just like i have told you the past FIVE SEASONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    • What a sad tw-t you are! spending most os your time writting to yourself. Go figure?

    • ahaha ahahaha AHAHAHAHAHAHA....

      See how the SNAKE tries to WRIGGLE out of the noose he made with his own TAIL lads... and how he is SO sh'it scared of his tormentor he talks through a third person - ahaha AHAHAHA

      BULL-sh'it STEER. Typo my arse you snivelling little pr.ick.

      Friends, not only did this PLASTIC (who has never set foot in ANFIELD) pseudo-yank tell us the 90's were GREAT... he then tries to cover up his MASSIVE HUMILIATION by saying he hit the wrong key... TWICE!!!!!!!!!!! Then didn't proof read it lol LOL LOLLLLLLLL

      Jog on queer - GUILTY as charged lad for ALL to see.

      "the 80's and 90's"... no i mean the "60s and 70s".. no i mean I am a big fat ZEROOOOOOOOOO - dsteer!!!

      Sqiurm squirm steer-oid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      "Sissoko will be great for us, especially in Europe"!!!!!!!! - steer

    • Miguel you recon P&S can type fast, or maybe he's a sloppy typist like the rest of us. Or maybe he dictates he's posts to a personal assistant from his lakeside home. If the latter maybe he needs to proof the work as maybe, and I'm just trying to throw a bone out there, that is why he typed four, instead of two when doing his predictions. I know I'm a terrible typist myself, and it does not help my keyboard sticks now and again. So easy to see my many typo's. 7's 8's and 9's mixed up, to letters missing from words, but then I think most people get what I'm saying. But maybe that explains all the insults, they are just typos and we should cut p&s a little slack and accept he's not that bad, just a poor on the keyboard.

    • Miggy - appreciate that i've made you look like a complete c(u)nt on here by stating FACTS but could YOU tell us why you are sucking up to a plastic LOSER who says and i quote....

      "The 80s and 90s were great, and I'm one lucky enough to have lived through most of those great days." STEER

      birds of a feather perhaps........

      Season OVER in September Miggy - FACT!!!

    • Cheers Miguel, your right of course ignoring him is the best option, which is what I do most of the time, but for some reason could not help but poke the fat man today. Although I see he's still bleating about not really meaning 4 Loses. Think we'll let him carry on, the more he says with no one responding the more wound up he becomes, and hilarious for the rest of us.

    • well fuck me 16 replies from people telling you to fuck off

      hey mr popular isn,t it time you took the hint

      i am pissing myself laughing here in belfast at you

      what happened to the magnificent city today then?

    • ...tell you what then...with the season about to start why don't you work out 'who will beat who' ...then publish a table...we can present the trophy next Saturday...then we can spend the next 9 months of weekends going for a beer.......happy days....

    • Good question about Black/Ethnic people moving next door having an effect on the saleability of a property in certain up market areas though P&S (Kryspin)............If you want to pop onto the board you know i use, then we can debate if this is true. Not if it's justified or not, just if it is true.

      I'm not saying don't bother debating if it's justified, as I presume we all agree it's not justified

    • Makin me sleepy........... yawn

    • Oh look - two more sad b.astards who can't take the heat from the legend. Tweedle DUMB and tweedle DUMBER come to mind.

      Listen plastics i'm here to talk FOOTBALL, appreciate that you are OBSESSED with your leader and that i am bigge rthan th board... but if you can't engage in FOOTBALL talk then crawl back under your rocks.... ta.

      Again Flop-ites - season OVER by September because we are SHYTE.................... DISCUSS

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