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    Defensive Problems

    It was very disappointing not to have secured 3 points vs Arsenal on Sunday, and conceding late goals has become an increasing problem.

    We lost to both Arsenal and Man Utd last season after taking the lead in both games. We also lost games vs Tottenham and Fulham when the games were 1-1. We drew games against City and Birmingham (twice I think) after taking the lead.

    The last min OG by Riise also sticks in my mind vs Chelsea in the champs league and I am sure there are other recent examples where we have conceded late on.

    Needless to say, the players must work hard to the final whistle and keep up the concentration levels. These silly mistakes cost us 3 points here and 2 points there - and ultimately can cost easily 15 points come the end of the season.

    Whilst it was only the first game of the season, the game vs Arsenal should be looked at as two points dropped - even with Joe sent off - when you are leading 1-0 at home with only injury time to play - you should close out the game.

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    • Seriously? After just one game.

      I would say we defended very very well throughout the game on Sunday.

      The only reason we conceded a goal is because of a Reina clanger, nothing to do with the rest of the defence and I will not slate Reina one bit after his performances last season, after all there is a reason he was our player of the season.

      We have a new manager mate, now is the time to forget things that happened under Rafa such as the Riise OG (btw he doesn't even play for us anymore) and move on. Get over it. Get behind the team and stop being so negative. Like I said, there wasn't any defensive problems on Sunday other than Agger getting concussed, and even then he still didn't make any glaringly obvious mistakes.

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      • I agree. We did defend well (on the whole) on Sunday, and yes, it was a Reina mistake which cost us the 3 points.

        However, you say its time to move on - but can you not see that this is something that has crept into the team over the last season or so - silly defensive errors or blunders which have cost us points - i've given you 4 or 5 examples where it happened last season (which you totally ignore). To be fair to Benitez, he always had the defence very well organised, and during his second and third seasons, we probably had the best defence in europe - teams found it impossible to break us down.

        this is a recent problem, and Hodgson needs to sort it out. i don't think we need to sign anyone, but we need to ensure that concentration levels are maintained until the final whistle, and that silly mistakes are avoided.

        perhaps we miss sami?