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  • M M Aug 17, 2010 20:42 Flag

    Defensive Problems

    I agree. We did defend well (on the whole) on Sunday, and yes, it was a Reina mistake which cost us the 3 points.

    However, you say its time to move on - but can you not see that this is something that has crept into the team over the last season or so - silly defensive errors or blunders which have cost us points - i've given you 4 or 5 examples where it happened last season (which you totally ignore). To be fair to Benitez, he always had the defence very well organised, and during his second and third seasons, we probably had the best defence in europe - teams found it impossible to break us down.

    this is a recent problem, and Hodgson needs to sort it out. i don't think we need to sign anyone, but we need to ensure that concentration levels are maintained until the final whistle, and that silly mistakes are avoided.

    perhaps we miss sami?

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    • No mate I didn't totally ignore them but I think it is far too early to judge. I put last seasons defensive down to a lack on continuity in defence as we were forever changing out centre back pairing due to injuries, especially at the beginning of the season.

      I say give it at least 10 games before we start judging if the defence is back to its best or not but basising it on the Arsenal game, I would say we are very much back to our best and I eat my words about what have I said about Carra in the past (don't know if you have seen those comments or not) as he looked back to his best organising the defence tremendously at the weekend.

      Not sure if we miss Sami or not as in his last season he was nothing more than a bit part player, but a damm good one. I think we may miss his precence around the club rather than on the pitch. I would love to see him brought back in a coaching role, which Roy tried to do this summer. Hopefully we will see him return next year.

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      • perhaps you are right. it is too early to judge and yes, there was a lot of chopping and changing last season. i'm just concerned that the silly mistakes that cost us last season are continuing into this season - and we all know how important it is to have a good start. it was very frustrating vs arsenal on sunday to see us throw away 3 points - if only we could have held on for another few mins - things like clearing the ball better, and being a bit more smart with the possession in the last few mins....

        i didn't read your comments regarding carra, but although he is not the quickest defender out there, he is a leader on the field and is an intelligent player. this is a big season for him as people have started to write him off....

        hopefully we'll get a result vs City - we should do....we play at home in Europe, they are playing away - big advantage for us.