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  • Just been looking about at some 'Transfer gossip' and we have been linked with alot of strikers, alot that i have never even heard of.. i just want to no what people think about them if they are any good or not, fair enough they might be decent goal scorers in there leagues but do you all rekon they could cut it in the premier league

    Romelu Lukaku - Anderlecht (only 17)
    Artem Milevskiy - Dynamo Kiev (25)
    Ola Toivonen - PSV Eindhoven (24)
    Andre-Pierre Gignac - Toulouse (24)
    Ricky van Wolfswinkel - Utrecht (21)

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    • Don't know much about any of them other than Lukaku and that's only because a lad in work has been banging on about it for the last year. 17 years old and already built like Drogba. Was in the Anderlecht first team at 16 so the potential must be there. At the £9-10m I have seen quoted I would say he is definetly worth a punt. The thing is, do we really have the money to take a 'punt' on someone? I don't think so but then people could say every foreign player is a punt. He would be my choice to bring in.

    • Ha ! Tiago Alcantara is rated as one of the brightest prospects to emerge from the Barcelona youth setup in years. He's an astounding playmaker in the Xabi Alonso mould and featured alongside our very own Dani Pacheco in the recent u19 European Championships, Barca wouldn't release him anyway.

      My thoughts are that any Masch sale depends on whether we get a backup striker. Now I feel a deal to either Inter or Barca is very unlikely at the minute. Inter already have Cambiasso, Motta, Muntari, Stankovic, Mariga & Zanetti on their books who can already play that role. And Barca already have Keita, Busquets & Adriano on their books that can adopt such a role to great a effect they also have their usual 22-24 players on their books which Guardiola has always said he needs and would be happy with.

      Now if rumours are true this morning that Babel is rumoured to be interesting VFL Wolfsburg at around £9m then this could be the chance to sell on and bring in a new striker. Now what has to be taken into consideration is does Hodgson think he can revitalise a player to regain form on a constant basis. Or does he move him on, take the £9m and bring in that backup striker we oh so need?.


    • The Masch thing is becoming a nightmare as I can imagine him moving on deadline day, leaving us no time to prep a replacement or spend the cash elsewhere. I dont know whether I would want to keep Babel at £9m or not, I suspect that Roy isnt sure either. I guess the problem is, Babel needs to play every week to find his form so we will have to just wait and see.
      Im assuming Babel wasnt in sundays squad due to injury? Also any clues as to to why there was no prescence of Aurelio, Aquilani or Insua?

    • I think maybe the January transfer window will be when Masch leaves unless there is some movement at both Barca & Inter in the sense of players leaving. Now if we go on what various websites are saying and a few rumours, it is that a deal is already in place for a 'said' striker and it all hinges on movement at Anfield and funds available. I for one wouldn't be disheartened if Masch is actually with us until Jan - beginning of next season as in theory he's pivotal part of us trying to get that 4th spot.

      In reply to why the players mentioned missed the Arsenal game. I know Hodgson commented a week or two ago that Aurelio was a week or so away from been match fit. Now in regards to Insua I've got a sneaky feeling Hodgson doesn't rate the lad as he was fit for Sundays game yet Roy opted for Agger at LB. Aquilani I haven't got a clue mate, and Babel I can only think that he isn't over his injury that he suffered either before or whilst he was at the WC or he's just not match fit.


    • I think give Babel another season and then look at getting rid if he hasn't come up to scratch. I think there is a talented player hid away somewhere. Its just been able to unlock it lol.

    • I thought Babel was on the bench on Sunday?

    • Yes he was on the bench:

      Liverpool: Reina, Johnson, Carragher, Skrtel, Agger; Mascherano, Gerrard; Kuyt, Cole, Jovanovic; Ngog.
      Subs: Cavalieri, Aurelio, Torres, Maxi, Babel, Lucas, Kelly.

      I think he wasn't brought on as we were a man down defending a 1-0 lead and opted for a more disciplined Maxi instead,

    • haha no probem mate ;-) just wondered who he was...was kinda worried they'd signe Luis Suarez...now that would be a scary front line...Messi, Villa and Suarez!

    • I don't think Barca need any further help looking formidable up front. ;oD

    • torres and ngog operate as lone front men and i have yet to see a game where either of them have performed well with a partner so the lone front man is our way of playing and as such we dont have a real desperate need for a £15-20 million poud striker but we do have an urgent need for a left full back and another midfielder

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