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  • Jason Jason Aug 31, 2010 02:55 Flag

    Everyone Chill..!

    We should all sit back, relax, and let the experts do the work. I'm certain that Roy, Purslow and co., are working very hard and dilligently behind the scenes right now to see what's available and do what they think is best and right for the club. Considering the sad shape Rafa left this club in a few months ago we should be happy that there has been a turn in the right direction, albeit slow but steady.

    We all, including myself like to live in this fantasy, playstation world where we can just throw out names and say sign them, but we ignore the obvious, that the money isn't there, teams aren't just willing to sell and this is the real world. PLUS there is so much we DON'T know.. just look at the great signing of Meireles which came completely out of left field. Roy could very much be looking somewhere off in Europe for another steal like that.

    Here are the players I think it's fair to say we can all let go, and reasonably agree aren't coming and the reasons:
    Crouch - Injured, Spurs in CL, need strikers. Forget it
    Van Wolfswinkel - Plays for Utrecht in our Europa group. He's on our opponent's team and cup tied. That would be like sending them Ngog. Silly.
    Fabiano- Flat out stupid. Just re-signed 4 yrs Sevilla.
    Robinho - A sarcastic joke I made.
    Ruiz - Probably wants to play w/ Twente in CL.
    Llorente - 15 mill for best player on avg La Liga team, bad rumor.
    Toivonen - Roy says no (could mean yes), but he is clearly best player on PSV, and seems his skill and value would not make sense as a back up.

    IF we do end up bringing in Carlton Cole, and the fee is right I think we should all try and take the positive route in knowing he's got the size, epl experience and won't be our featured man. I personally don't rate him, but have seen him score some pretty special goals, but miss sitters as well. You'd have to think the change of scenery away from the misery in West Ham to a new enthusiastic environment like Anfield, where he could work alongside Torres, with support from Gerrard, Cole, Meireles, Kuyt could only help him. He's only 26, and he offers a more physical presense than Ngog right now. He's not a long term solution, but again for the right price he is better than adequate. Afterall, we could go out and break the bank for Toivonen or whomever, and they could completely flop and be out of their depth in the EPL and that would surely be a waste. Cole's performance and value can only improve, especially with Roy helping get the best of him... look at Zamora playing well long after Roy's left.. Think good thoughts fellas, and keep fingers crossed we get a winger too!!!

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    • "there has been a turn in the right direction..."

      WTF, 2 games at home, 1 away.... we are 13th!!!

      We are only going in one direction: DOWN. The squad is much weaker, the formations don't make sense, Roy is an average manager, the crappy owners are still around, we have no new stadium.... it ain't a good time to be a Liverpool supporter, that's why the board is so quiet.

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      • Wow.
        Such a refreshingly positive attitude.
        And after just 3 games, too.
        Did you realise there is the potential, though highly unlikely of course, that if results go our way this weekend we could be level on points with Utd and Arsenal and ahead of Villa, City and Spurs?
        Certainly looking pretty bad.
        As for this board being so quiet, it's probably because most of the regular posters from the last couple of years have moved over to Adidas new site where they don't have to put up with the assorted tossers and twats who are not Liverpool supporters but whose lives are so empty they feel the need to live on this particular board.
        PS: not suggesting that applies to you, of course ;-)

    • Well said Hob.

      @ Ajay, my response wasn't towards you, you seem to be positive, it was to the prior post in response to my thread, that was extremely negative. Occasionally I'll be a little negative when things are down, and I can be sarcastic as well, but there's a certain point where negativity becomes objectivity and it's not even worth listening to.

      No matter what any of us say, think, do or want, there is only 1 reality that is fact. The season and results for Liverpool will be determined by how they practice, and what they bring to the pitch on Saturdays and Sundays. Of course, good tactics, timely subs, and strategy by Roy helps alot, but I think it's fair to say there are maybe 13-14 clubs in the EPL who wouldn't mind swapping entire squads with us. It's all about 11v11.

      In American Football, NFL, the top coaches are brilliant, the top teams/players are vastly superior athletes, and yet it all comes down to about 80% mental ability and I don't think this is anything different. There is enough quality, and just enough depth for this team to fight toe to toe with anyone and push on to a top 4 spot. If they can do this, next year will be better, and the year after.. who knows? It's all about attitude, and 45,000 loud voices singing @ Anfield every match. I hope to witness it myself soon and will support, win draw or lose...

    • I'm with you some of the way on this Jason, but at some point over optimism has to give way to realism. Keeping your head too much in the clouds is no more helpful than always looking down at your feet.

      I agree with you that there maybe 13 or 14 clubs who would rather have our squad to theirs, but that still leaves 6 or 7 clubs who feel they have a better squad than our, and they might be right.

      Also, I do know a little bit about American Football (but no expert) and think you have to understand there are some fundamental differences between the two sports, or at least how the leagues are structured. The NFL is much more equal in terms of competitions between teams, because with the draft system, and salary caps its set up to be that way. There have been dynasties in the NFL, but nothing like there is in our version of Football. There is no equivalent of our run of success in the 70s and 80s, or the Mancs in the 90s and 00s.

      In Europe success is rewarded with the ability to keep on being successful. It means more money for the club which allows the club to keep investing in talent. In American football it’s the team with the worst record that gets the top pick of the Young talent, not the one with the biggest wallet. In American football Fergie would not have been allowed to buy Rooney from Everton, or half the squad that has been brought in at top dollar. Chelsea the same way, and of course no matter how much money Cities Arabs have they would not be allowed to spend it dangling mega contracts in front of whomever they wanted. American Footballers are not eligible for free transfer until much later in their careers, salary caps are enforced, and contracts honored. It’s a very different game.

      I'm not saying its all doom and gloom, but a little bit of reality needs to be said once in a while. Today was not a good day for LFC. Some of that maybe down to the choices that Roy made this past week, time will tell if Konchesky is a good player who can get better at a bigger club, or if the failure to secure a striker really will hurt us. But the real problem is that Roy can not invest the way our club needs him to if we are realistic about getting back into the top 4. The only solution to that are owners that understand what a top 4 club needs in terms of investment.

      We may get back into 4th this season, but right now I'd say the odds are against us. We'll need both City and Spurs to fall away, and I don't see that happening. Maybe Spurs won't be deep enough to handle Europe and the Prem, but does anyone doubt that city has enough depth to compete on multiple fronts. The only other hope is one of the other incumbents’ slips up, but do you really see Arsenal, Chelsea or the damn Mancs getting any weaker relative to us based on the player transactions this summer? I wish I could say otherwise, but that would be optimistic so being realistic I don't, and I don't think that’s being too pessimistic.