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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 1, 2010 18:12 Flag

    the team i would like lfc to use.


    Id take Poulsen over Lucas, Poulsen seems to have better awareness looks more composed on the ball and distributes it a lot better. Meireles will be link between midf and att with Gerrard as support striker. Lucas needs time on the bench IMO he looks like he's gone backwards compared to last season. His tackling has been shocking, his awareness when recieving the ball has been very poor and his passing leaves alot to be desired especially when we know he has the ability to provide some quality at times.

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    • Don't really disagree with this one as I think its one of our strongest options, but just a bit surprised that you and Fergie have both opted for Stevie in the support striker role rather than sitting in the center. Think that is a change in opinion, is it because of the relative riches in center midfield, or a preference to Gerrard over Cole for that role? Also, assuming that Pacheco does get some time in the domestic cups, and off the bench in the league, is he a direct replacement for Gerrard, or do we have to switch up the system everytime he comes on with players shifting roles?

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      • We now have Meireles so we don't need Gerrard back in that position. The reason I wanted Gerrard back there last season and the beginning of this season was simply down to having no one of the ability and quality that Gerrard can bring to that particular role.

        Meireles should and will provide that oh so important link between defence and attack. Gerrard should and will be behind Torres and Cole out wide will be more beneficial to the starting eleven IMO he's got the ability to beat a man, whip in some telling crosses and also knows how to hug the byline something that none of the other widemen unfortunately do. Whether this is the team that Roy wants assembled as it is that's a different matter.

      • I just think Stevie is far stronger in that position that cole and as you say, our centre midfield is pretty full. Stevie always looks like he can get you a goal when he is further up the pitch. If he is played in the centre he ends up running everywhere. I would like to see Pacheco getting some time playing behind the striker during Euro or league cups. I dont think the system should change though (whatever that maybe). The players must get used to it and if that makes us weaker for the cups than so be it as 4th place minimum must be a priority.

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      Meireles to play slightly further up than Poulsen. I cant see us shipping too many goals like this but still there is a lot of menace up front.