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  • colin colin Sep 2, 2010 01:57 Flag

    the team i would like lfc to use.

    JASON...Yes please lets get adventurous ! What a breath of fresh-air after the six year excercise in restraint imposed by the straight-jacket of Benitez tactics...go for it Roy !!!
    Agree with u about Jovanovic but think it was already a done deal before Roy had a say in it , however think Roy willget him down the road perhaps come Jan transfer window. Roy seems pretty ruthless...Im glad to say ...in his intent to rid is of all the Benitez Dross...I like it it also serves a warning on anybody thinking they can just :make up the numbers: and pick up their fat paycheques. Think Roys message is this...YOU GIVE US 100% every week or....YOUR'E GONE !!!
    Glad to see the back of that liability Benitez called a fullback Insua gone to Turkey and good riddance. Just a shame we couldnt have got Al Zhar AND Ngog down the road too .
    Meireles is a superb signing by Roy he had a superb WC SA 2010 one of the best players in the competition for me....a tough guy who gives his all for 90 minutes makes Mascherano look soft.