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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 3, 2010 15:08 Flag

    the team i would like lfc to use.

    Ajay last season we were extremely critical of Rafa fitting square pegs into round holes and this is exactly that.

    The whole Agger as a DM is total madness IMO. There is a whole lot of difference from playing CB to the holding role as a DM. Time on the ball is at a minimum when playing such a role and whether Agger can do this job remains to be seen, do we know whether the lad can cope under pressure when been harrassed by opposition players, do we know whether he can play quick intricate one twos or would he get caught in possession. It's all being well Agger been a good footballing CB but making the transition from such a position to another position is not that easy, not in my opinion anyway.

    What we are doing here is taking away from the defence the most best footballing CB at the club, and other than young Danny Wilson the other defenders we have are nothing more than hoof merchants, and we need an Agger type defender who is composed, elegant on the ball and most a importantly a footballing CB. You have to take into account positional sense, awareness, first touch, ability on and off the ball, movement, tactical understanding of the position, does he know when to stay and when to make supporting runs, all these little things are not known to us.

    Secondly. Why are you advocating for a link midfielder to be tried out in a position that he's never played in before?.
    Meireles is a player that is very similiar to Xabi Alonso, he's the typ of player that links the defence to attack, he equilibrates the team, guarantees the transition from defence to attack, helps defending, helps attacking, good passing, great work rate, great long range shots. Using him on the right is a massive waste of the lads talents and at this exact moment in time we need to be using players in their correct positions as that is more beneficial to us shoehorning players into other roles.

    Not a dig btw just giving my opinion ;).