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  • Jason Jason Sep 4, 2010 01:48 Flag

    the team i would like lfc to use.

    Wait, wait, wait..... AYALA??

    Have you noticed he hasn't featured or even been in the squad since he was needed for the pre-season friendlies and the early Europa matches vs Robotnicki.

    About a month ago, I made a comment I would pay for his plane ticket out of Anfield, another member asked me why because they rate him, and I simply do not, apparently neither does Roy.

    I know this is all fun and creative stuff we're talking but to have Ayala in the starting back 4 in a team striving to reach the Top 4 is absurd. He isn't in the same breath as Agger, or Skrtel, and to be quite honest Kyrgiakos in form is miles ahead. I'd even choose Martin Kelly in an emergency first. To me, Ayala is slow, not very athletic and seems to need 25 mins to realize a match has started or a goal has been conceeded, like the 1-0 loss where he made a back pass to Cavalieri in the loss to the German side.

    I can have fun and enjoy reading any suggestions over formations and squad selections with the exception of Ayala in the starting back 4. He's been shopped as a loan player to Hull, that should say it all right there. Putting him in, in favor of moving Agger to def mid would be like suggesting Lucas could play the advanced mid role behind Torres...

    Sorry to whoever disagrees w/ me on Ayala, but I do not like, especially with the 5-6 cbs ahead of him. Maybe in years I will be wrong but I can't be swayed on this one..