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  • Greg Greg Sep 1, 2010 17:57 Flag

    the team i would like lfc to use.

    now that the transfer window is closed what team and formation would you like to see liverpool playing regularly? i would go for


    with pacheco coming on as often as possible. It's probably a bit too attack minded, and therefor unlikely, but it's just what i would like to see. what about you?

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    • -----------Kyrgiakos------------

    • Wow!
      I'm so sorry.I thought this was all suposed to be a bit of fun, hence my "how about something almost as wild?" formation.
      And saying it isn't a dig doesn't stop it from being exactly that. Everyone is putting Agger with Carra at cb and playing some variation of Poulsen/Meireles/Gerrard and even Lucas ffs as defensive mids.
      A lot of 2 defensive mids lineups, there. I thought we wanted good attacking football at Liverpool, not the defensive cr@p HE had us playing for the last few seasons.
      So I thought I'd try something a bit left field, just for some variety.
      Seems to be ok when others do it.
      Putting Agger as defensive mid, at a time when the club is gifted with numerous centrebacks thanks for whoever it was pointed that out clearly, is an experiment others were calling for last seson around the time Agger got dumped into playing left back. Many many coments about his ball playing, his reading of the game, plus his ability to come forward and shoot - all of which would be stifled by playing him at left back. As for Ayala at cb, I did say he was one for our future, potentially our next Sami H. The epl games this kid has played he has looked the goods - tall, composed, plays the ball out sensibly rather than just hoofing it up field. They were my impressions of him, anyway. Makes Skertl look like a neanderthal. Plus, we have Kyrgiakos as decent backup. Oh, well.
      As for square pegs into round holes the biggest example of that has to be playing one of the world's best midfielders as a support striker. Can no one else see how poor SG is when playing back to goal and "chasing" all over the half line when they have the ball? He needs to be in the play, not 20yds in front of it. The guy is one of the world's best playmakers who just happens to have the ability and heart to get right forward at the right time. Don't start him up there, start him where he does the team the most good - central midfield, with a license to roam. THAT is where he has and will play his best football for Liverpool and England. And with the likes of Poulsen and Meireles at the club he can be allowed his roaming role once again.
      As for my REAL LFC team?
      ---??----------------------- ??--------------Agger-----------------??

    • How about this for a little bit more fun and adventure, with some realism to it..
      (Per Aurelio,he has played this position for Rafa at Valencia and at Liverpool)


      Meireles and Aurelio are both defensively and offensivly balanced and can provide attack options with right and left footed delivery. Also gives us that free kick and delivery threat from both sides with Gerrard / Aurelio making teams weary of both as well as making Torres aerial presence greater being able to attack with headers from both directions.

      I don't ever expect to see this, just stretching things a bit. May work on playstation 3!

    • Wait, wait, wait..... AYALA??

      Have you noticed he hasn't featured or even been in the squad since he was needed for the pre-season friendlies and the early Europa matches vs Robotnicki.

      About a month ago, I made a comment I would pay for his plane ticket out of Anfield, another member asked me why because they rate him, and I simply do not, apparently neither does Roy.

      I know this is all fun and creative stuff we're talking but to have Ayala in the starting back 4 in a team striving to reach the Top 4 is absurd. He isn't in the same breath as Agger, or Skrtel, and to be quite honest Kyrgiakos in form is miles ahead. I'd even choose Martin Kelly in an emergency first. To me, Ayala is slow, not very athletic and seems to need 25 mins to realize a match has started or a goal has been conceeded, like the 1-0 loss where he made a back pass to Cavalieri in the loss to the German side.

      I can have fun and enjoy reading any suggestions over formations and squad selections with the exception of Ayala in the starting back 4. He's been shopped as a loan player to Hull, that should say it all right there. Putting him in, in favor of moving Agger to def mid would be like suggesting Lucas could play the advanced mid role behind Torres...

      Sorry to whoever disagrees w/ me on Ayala, but I do not like, especially with the 5-6 cbs ahead of him. Maybe in years I will be wrong but I can't be swayed on this one..

    • To see football played the right way, on the floor and moved around quickly our best team would be
      Johnson Carragher Agger Aurelio
      Maxi Cole Gerrard Pacheco

      That would be fantastic and we could play it at home and in europe. It probably wont cut the mustard at the Brittania or the Reebok. We are more flexible now as we can also set up this way for those sort of games.
      Johnson Carragher Skrtel Koncheskey
      Meireles Poulsen
      Kuyt Gerrard Jovanovic

      I dont buy this 4-5-1 is too negative nonsense as it seems to work ok for Barca and Chelsea.

    • Ajay last season we were extremely critical of Rafa fitting square pegs into round holes and this is exactly that.

      The whole Agger as a DM is total madness IMO. There is a whole lot of difference from playing CB to the holding role as a DM. Time on the ball is at a minimum when playing such a role and whether Agger can do this job remains to be seen, do we know whether the lad can cope under pressure when been harrassed by opposition players, do we know whether he can play quick intricate one twos or would he get caught in possession. It's all being well Agger been a good footballing CB but making the transition from such a position to another position is not that easy, not in my opinion anyway.

      What we are doing here is taking away from the defence the most best footballing CB at the club, and other than young Danny Wilson the other defenders we have are nothing more than hoof merchants, and we need an Agger type defender who is composed, elegant on the ball and most a importantly a footballing CB. You have to take into account positional sense, awareness, first touch, ability on and off the ball, movement, tactical understanding of the position, does he know when to stay and when to make supporting runs, all these little things are not known to us.

      Secondly. Why are you advocating for a link midfielder to be tried out in a position that he's never played in before?.
      Meireles is a player that is very similiar to Xabi Alonso, he's the typ of player that links the defence to attack, he equilibrates the team, guarantees the transition from defence to attack, helps defending, helps attacking, good passing, great work rate, great long range shots. Using him on the right is a massive waste of the lads talents and at this exact moment in time we need to be using players in their correct positions as that is more beneficial to us shoehorning players into other roles.

      Not a dig btw just giving my opinion ;).

    • How about..

      Johnson, Carra, Agger, Konchesky
      Cole, Stevie G, Meireles, Jovanovic
      Kuyt, Nando

      • 1 Reply to Mysteron
      • Can I also add, again in my own opinion, WHEN Torres is available, fit and ready to start, we cannot play a 4-4-2.

        Torres does not operate well at all with someone next to him in the box. I watched every single Spain match in the Euro 2008 Championships, I even have the dvd, and he scored 3 goals, all when he wasn't paired with Villa in a 4-4-2. His goals came in a 4-3-3 where he was centered alone, and he was an absolute nightmare in the final vs Germany with Villa out injured, they played a 4-5-1. Torres scored the winner, headed off the post and narrowly missed two other chances, all operating up front with good service from the midfield, which Gerrard/Meireles should be more than capable of providing.

        Just look at years past, Torres - Crouch was ok, Torres - Voronin didn't work, Torres - Keane didn't work, and against the citizens, Ngog only got in his way. These players (voronin aside) are all great support, backup, and late game subs to chase a goal when down or tied.

        Roy needs to optimize the talent he has and place them all on the pitch in favorable positions and this team is designed to operate around Stevies abilities and Torres world class talent.

    • It's early so Roy has really yet to work with his entire squad and mold them, plus they haven't had a serious run out of league games yet. However, if we really wanted to give it a go, most of these players (outfield) actually have the experience in a 4-3-3, so here are 2 scenarios for fun and adventure. First is more experience, second more flair. Both attack oriented, and actually not so unrealistic (Ancellotti would)..



    • JASON...Yes please lets get adventurous ! What a breath of fresh-air after the six year excercise in restraint imposed by the straight-jacket of Benitez tactics...go for it Roy !!!
      Agree with u about Jovanovic but think it was already a done deal before Roy had a say in it , however think Roy willget him down the road perhaps come Jan transfer window. Roy seems pretty ruthless...Im glad to say ...in his intent to rid is of all the Benitez Dross...I like it it also serves a warning on anybody thinking they can just :make up the numbers: and pick up their fat paycheques. Think Roys message is this...YOU GIVE US 100% every week or....YOUR'E GONE !!!
      Glad to see the back of that liability Benitez called a fullback Insua gone to Turkey and good riddance. Just a shame we couldnt have got Al Zhar AND Ngog down the road too .
      Meireles is a superb signing by Roy he had a superb WC SA 2010 one of the best players in the competition for me....a tough guy who gives his all for 90 minutes makes Mascherano look soft.

    • ----------------------------------------Reina-------------------------------------------

      Id take Poulsen over Lucas, Poulsen seems to have better awareness looks more composed on the ball and distributes it a lot better. Meireles will be link between midf and att with Gerrard as support striker. Lucas needs time on the bench IMO he looks like he's gone backwards compared to last season. His tackling has been shocking, his awareness when recieving the ball has been very poor and his passing leaves alot to be desired especially when we know he has the ability to provide some quality at times.

      • 2 Replies to A Yahoo! User
      • Don't really disagree with this one as I think its one of our strongest options, but just a bit surprised that you and Fergie have both opted for Stevie in the support striker role rather than sitting in the center. Think that is a change in opinion, is it because of the relative riches in center midfield, or a preference to Gerrard over Cole for that role? Also, assuming that Pacheco does get some time in the domestic cups, and off the bench in the league, is he a direct replacement for Gerrard, or do we have to switch up the system everytime he comes on with players shifting roles?

      • ----------------Reina----------------------------

        Meireles to play slightly further up than Poulsen. I cant see us shipping too many goals like this but still there is a lot of menace up front.