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  • ajay ajay Sep 7, 2010 13:19 Flag

    Kuyt out for several weeks....opportunity for Babel

    I'm sorry but I just can't help it.
    Ryan Babel joined us during the 2007-08 season?
    So, he's been at the club now going into his 4th season?
    And people are still talking about his huge potential?
    Lordy, how many chances does this guy get just because the dutch mistakenly stuck him in their national squad for a while?
    They have since learnt and now use that kid Elia in front of Babel. 5 goals from 39 appearances for Oranje is hardly inspiring stuff, is it?
    I think it time that the likes of Pacheco and co are given their turn.

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    • You are fully right to say Babel hasn't fulfilled his potential in his time at Anfield. I just don't think he's ever been given enough games in a row to see what he really is. I've screamed many times watching him play poorly, and at the same time seen him make dazzling plays and goals. If he can't get it straight this season with Roy then it's time to move on. I think he has all the skills needed and youth on his side to still blossom, much like some see that now or in the future for Ayala, whereas I don't see much in him other than height.

      I love Pacheco and have been waiting for him to break into the squad for 2 years now, he deserves his chance. I'm not sure starting, and playing left wing suits him best, or at least just yet. Epl wise, I still see him as that 55" impact sub like Yossi was so many times, and a full time player in the Carling Cup and Europa League to build up strength and adapt.

      I'd love nothing more than for both to succeed and be able to play together. Right now I prefer either over Jovanovic..

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      • I agree with you on Jova. As I said some weeks back in one post, Jova is another Voronin to me. Come season end, there will be a unanimous chorus for him to be shipped out. Lets hope Gunno and Lobato will step to the plate. LOL Hobs.... those are Babel and Pacheco's names.....

        Also the Ngog potentially out for sometime and with games coming thick and fast, we will be able to fully utilise the squad we have and ensure that even the fringe payers get a run out. I am ticking our game against manure on 19th to be interesting. What with one Rooney's issues.

      • I'm sorry but I just don't get this. Babel has been here for over 3 seasons, but many feel he's still not been given a chance so think he should be our starting left wing. But after only a handful of games, at a new club in a new country the same minds are sure that Jova is not good enough and should be behind the young Dutchman. Someone please explain the logic here? One is given multiple chances, and still needs a long run of games to prove himself, while the other after only 3 league games is cast off as another Voronin?

        Personally on current form, neither is the starter for me. Therefore strongest squad I'd have Kuyt on the left (where he did a great job for Holland in the World cup) and Maxi on the right. With Kuyt out I'd slot Cole out there and give Pacheco a chance in the slot.

        Its up to both Babel and Jova to prove in training they deserve a shot, but if I was going to risk things I'd go with the man who's yet to be given a chance, rather than someone who's been given chance after chance.