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  • A Yahoo! User Sep 7, 2010 21:37 Flag

    Kuyt out for several weeks....opportunity for Babel

    Exaclty what I was thinking Fergie.

    Well Johnson's first name is Glen so don't know where Cooper comes from. Didn't know we now went to the extreme of calling people by there middle names like you have with Pacheco, Merieles, Torres.

    No it wouldn't be a new team, it would the same ones with a different name lol

    Footballers have always been known by their surnames so is this just some sort attempt to show that you know slightly more (unneccesary) details about our players?

    Cooper is Johnson, and if I had called Skrtle by his first name I would have confused him with Konchesky. Yes Daniel Lobato Pacheco....... I would prefer calling Raul Jose Trindade Meireles, Raul or Jose. It's shorter. And Fernando Jose Sanz Torres can also be called just Sanz and we would win the league with a completely new team...........