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  • Jason Jason Sep 10, 2010 10:15 Flag

    Kuyt out for several weeks....opportunity for Babel

    I have to say, this back and forth has been extremely entertaining, and one of you is going to surely be right soon enough.

    I think both views of Jova are fair, and I'm somewhere in the middle. Personally I was thoroughly excited when I heard he was signing, as I had seen him play a bit and heard very good things. He has the skill, but will it translate to EPL is the question. 5 games is not fair at all to judge a player, especially since I think so many including myself had exceedingly high expectations. I guess we should consider playing left wing in Prem is ALOT different than the other European Leagues, and the right backs are a higher calibre.

    Another thing to maybe consider is the mental aspect of it. He's gone from a much lower level, though Standard are a good team, to playing for what he and so many consider to be one of, if not the biggest club in Europe, certainly England. He turned down so many other big clubs to come to the club he said he always dreamed of and wished to play for. Perhaps he's not settled himself down playing there yet, and starting vs Arsenal and Manchester City hardly the easiest of debuts. Though I really can't defend his performance vs WBA. Let's just chalk that up as a bad game, hopefully his last.

    There's 5 matches in 15 days coming up. I won't say we'll fully know what he is after that, 10 games under his belt, but we'll need to see something much more or he's going to lose confidence, and support of Hodgson. I'm not sure he's going to ever score alot of goals, but I'd like to see him turning people around and providing assists and creating chances for the others. If he hasn't done any of this after 10 games, it probably won't get much easier getting into the heart of the season and other competitions.

    I read a name twice in your debates fellas that I promised myself I would never say, and I almost vomitted in my mouth.. El Zahr. Can we all make some sort of agreement to never speak his name again on these boards or I may black out and faint? I don't think there's ever been a worse player in the history of the club, in fact the worst footballer in the history of earth. I haven't kicked a ball beyond high school level and I'm confident I would have been a better signing by the fat man!

    I look forward to the winner of this debate Vuvu vs Hob. For all of our sakes I hope it's Hobs.