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    Kuyt out for several weeks....opportunity for Babel

    Kuyt was injured while on international duty and could be out for several weeks. Unfortunate really…. But could this create an opportunity for players like Babel to nail down some places in the first 11 or 14 for that matter? With matches coming thick and fast, this is the worst thing to happen to the team. It leads to changes to the core first 11. Mine would be the following:


    Cooper…..Skrtle….James Lee….Paul Martyn

    Christian….Stephen George…..Raul…Milan

    Joseph John…….

    Jose Sanz

    Subs: Guno, Maximiliano, Munthe, Pezzini, Lobato, Rodrigues

    That’s a fairly strong bench too…..

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    • Who's that? Your Mexican poker team?

    • I'm sorry but I just can't help it.
      Ryan Babel joined us during the 2007-08 season?
      So, he's been at the club now going into his 4th season?
      And people are still talking about his huge potential?
      Lordy, how many chances does this guy get just because the dutch mistakenly stuck him in their national squad for a while?
      They have since learnt and now use that kid Elia in front of Babel. 5 goals from 39 appearances for Oranje is hardly inspiring stuff, is it?
      I think it time that the likes of Pacheco and co are given their turn.

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      • You are fully right to say Babel hasn't fulfilled his potential in his time at Anfield. I just don't think he's ever been given enough games in a row to see what he really is. I've screamed many times watching him play poorly, and at the same time seen him make dazzling plays and goals. If he can't get it straight this season with Roy then it's time to move on. I think he has all the skills needed and youth on his side to still blossom, much like some see that now or in the future for Ayala, whereas I don't see much in him other than height.

        I love Pacheco and have been waiting for him to break into the squad for 2 years now, he deserves his chance. I'm not sure starting, and playing left wing suits him best, or at least just yet. Epl wise, I still see him as that 55" impact sub like Yossi was so many times, and a full time player in the Carling Cup and Europa League to build up strength and adapt.

        I'd love nothing more than for both to succeed and be able to play together. Right now I prefer either over Jovanovic..

    • Maxi was quality toward the back end of last season. You can say the jury is out on Joe Cole but I think its pretty obvious it is a good free signing. You dont think that International teams and clubs playing in the Europa league dont study their opposition players? I think thats a rather strange comment to make. Why on earth would any manager or coaching staff want to win the World Cup?!
      Fabio Aurelio, whether he is injury prone now or not has been a quality servant to Liverpool and played a major part in the 08/09 season. As poor as Voronin was he also made us a £2.5m profit. Would you say Ballack was a poor free agent for Chelsea? Do you thin Bayern Munich wanted shot of him? DO you not think it could be possible that clubs try to sign players to new deals which they then rebuff?
      So, what you are saying about Jovanovic is that we should ignore his career so far, forget he has been top scorer and player of the year in the belgian league, blank out that Juventus, Valencia and Inter tried to sign him, ignore anything acheived at international level (especially the WC), forget that he has played well against Arsenal and Trabzonspor and base all opinion on him on the manner of his performances against WBA and Man City?!
      Perhaps you should go back to looking up players middle names.

    • I also hope that I am wrong with my assessment of Jova. Seriously I would love to have him as the best summer signing. But initial observations are not promising. Woy said look at the log after 10 games. I again say let's revisit this discussion after 10 league matches. We could also review the impact (or lack of it) of Cole and Maxi then, and the other non free signings like Poulsen and Meireles. I hope we will have some really positives on all these players. If that happens thaen we can have a really good season to look forward to. Hob.....lets hold our fire for now. Peace...........

    • Too much time on your hands vuvu!

    • This is silly imo. When I read the opening message I figured it was a clever way of referring to the players by their foreign birth names, since I was familiar with Jose Torres Sanz, but that's it. I'm clueless about Cooper unless that's his middle name?

      I don't personally care what they go by as long as they play well and win, but I think some players of this calibre and certain achievements deserve to be recognized for who they are.

      If people are having to waste time on looking up players birthnames, then it's just that, a waste of time. Alot better things to discuss and worry about.

      As for Dirk getting a rest, that chaps my a$$. He hasn't needed a rest in 4 years for club or country, and he got injured attempting a stupid bicycle kick in practice while Netherlands are already without Robben and Van Wussie. You'd think Dirk might be a little more conscious about this as well as his arrogant national team coach. We have 5 games in 15 days, and although he's not a prolific scorer or far from the most talented player, he is arguably indespensible for the effort and consistency he puts forth. Furthermore, LFC, not Netherlands and their moron coach do not pay his wages or pay back the fans to see the team play good, winning football. If I am correct Joe Cole is still suspended for Birmingham, so this leaves us even thinner than before, and Ngog did have injury from last I read, meaning Babel will almost have to be a sub whereas this would be a perfect time to shine. Very disappointing..!!

      Hopefully the old saying of "one door shuts, another one opens" comes true for the likes of Maxi,Babel,Pacheco etc.

    • Quality posts there hobz, quality.

    • Jova should absolutely be given more of a chance, it's totally unfair to call him rubbish, I think alot of us had unreasonably high expectations for him. Bottom line is he, Babel, Pacheco have to earn the spot, and are 100% in the mix with Kuyt out.

      I totally agree with inconsistency of Babel, I just can't ignore that whether it be as an impact sub or occasionally as a starter he's shown glimpses of brilliance, and to be honest, many times versus big teams or crucial moments. I rate Birmingham very highly this season and with their improved skill, and physicality Babel's experience should give him an edge, but again he has to earn it. If he's out on the field to start, he deserved the chance in the context that kuyt and cole are unavailable.

      Listen to the first words of the announcer, and then followed by the great cross.. He makes you shake your head and jump out of your seat. It's in him, but it has to come out, all the time.

    • In riera you are comparing him to a player who cost us £9m. Ryan babel cost us £11.5m and what has he done in 3 years? F all. As dsteer was saying time and again, why is babel given chance after chance but this guy is being hounded already. Babel has only ever shown his worth as an impact substitute. You may notice the player on the other flank come Sunday will be another lfc free signing the Argentina international maxi rodriguez. Another one of your waste of space freebies.

    • Firstly I have never said jova is a hero or saviour of any kind, all I have said is he deserves a chance to impress and he has not had that yet. Your not really laying your opinion but passing judgement and then berating him as dogsheite a little too early. Should he be our first choice up front or on the wing? I don't know but for free he is already an improvement on el zhar who we paid money for.

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