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    Kuyt out for several weeks....opportunity for Babel

    Kuyt was injured while on international duty and could be out for several weeks. Unfortunate really…. But could this create an opportunity for players like Babel to nail down some places in the first 11 or 14 for that matter? With matches coming thick and fast, this is the worst thing to happen to the team. It leads to changes to the core first 11. Mine would be the following:


    Cooper…..Skrtle….James Lee….Paul Martyn

    Christian….Stephen George…..Raul…Milan

    Joseph John…….

    Jose Sanz

    Subs: Guno, Maximiliano, Munthe, Pezzini, Lobato, Rodrigues

    That’s a fairly strong bench too…..

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    • I also hope that I am wrong with my assessment of Jova. Seriously I would love to have him as the best summer signing. But initial observations are not promising. Woy said look at the log after 10 games. I again say let's revisit this discussion after 10 league matches. We could also review the impact (or lack of it) of Cole and Maxi then, and the other non free signings like Poulsen and Meireles. I hope we will have some really positives on all these players. If that happens thaen we can have a really good season to look forward to. Hob.....lets hold our fire for now. Peace...........

    • Maxi was a free transfer mate. I think Atletico just wanted him off the wage bill.

    • I agree about babel. Whilst I still think he is young and improving; I hate the way that people moan about him being "played out of position" and think that if he was up front he would be knocking in the goals. Hes had his chances up front and has blown them.
      Just a small niggle but I dont think maxi was a free transfer ; cheap yes (1.5-2m) but not free

    • I hope it's me as well! To be fair, my point really is that it's too early to judge him. Should he be rubbish come January then vuvoo may have guessed or assumed correctly but surely he deserves a chance a little more then 3 league matches. Where does that leave cole who has got himself banned for that period. Does this mean that reina is also rubbis know based on the 3 games he has played this year according to vuvoo?

      Your right about el zhar, he is whoop. I can think of a few rivals for him though. Jan kronkamp was the worst I have seen in recent times as well as pelligrino!

    • I have to say, this back and forth has been extremely entertaining, and one of you is going to surely be right soon enough.

      I think both views of Jova are fair, and I'm somewhere in the middle. Personally I was thoroughly excited when I heard he was signing, as I had seen him play a bit and heard very good things. He has the skill, but will it translate to EPL is the question. 5 games is not fair at all to judge a player, especially since I think so many including myself had exceedingly high expectations. I guess we should consider playing left wing in Prem is ALOT different than the other European Leagues, and the right backs are a higher calibre.

      Another thing to maybe consider is the mental aspect of it. He's gone from a much lower level, though Standard are a good team, to playing for what he and so many consider to be one of, if not the biggest club in Europe, certainly England. He turned down so many other big clubs to come to the club he said he always dreamed of and wished to play for. Perhaps he's not settled himself down playing there yet, and starting vs Arsenal and Manchester City hardly the easiest of debuts. Though I really can't defend his performance vs WBA. Let's just chalk that up as a bad game, hopefully his last.

      There's 5 matches in 15 days coming up. I won't say we'll fully know what he is after that, 10 games under his belt, but we'll need to see something much more or he's going to lose confidence, and support of Hodgson. I'm not sure he's going to ever score alot of goals, but I'd like to see him turning people around and providing assists and creating chances for the others. If he hasn't done any of this after 10 games, it probably won't get much easier getting into the heart of the season and other competitions.

      I read a name twice in your debates fellas that I promised myself I would never say, and I almost vomitted in my mouth.. El Zahr. Can we all make some sort of agreement to never speak his name again on these boards or I may black out and faint? I don't think there's ever been a worse player in the history of the club, in fact the worst footballer in the history of earth. I haven't kicked a ball beyond high school level and I'm confident I would have been a better signing by the fat man!

      I look forward to the winner of this debate Vuvu vs Hob. For all of our sakes I hope it's Hobs.

    • In riera you are comparing him to a player who cost us £9m. Ryan babel cost us £11.5m and what has he done in 3 years? F all. As dsteer was saying time and again, why is babel given chance after chance but this guy is being hounded already. Babel has only ever shown his worth as an impact substitute. You may notice the player on the other flank come Sunday will be another lfc free signing the Argentina international maxi rodriguez. Another one of your waste of space freebies.

    • By El-Zhar was never a regular first teamer. Lets ask if he is an improvement on playes like Babel or even Reira that was shipped out. On the left, would we not be better with Riera than with Jova? Lets give him the time that you are pleading for, but from the little that I have seen so far, we are in for some disappointment. Games are coming thick and fast and before you know it he will have clocked 10 matches. We revisit this subject then.

    • Firstly I have never said jova is a hero or saviour of any kind, all I have said is he deserves a chance to impress and he has not had that yet. Your not really laying your opinion but passing judgement and then berating him as dogsheite a little too early. Should he be our first choice up front or on the wing? I don't know but for free he is already an improvement on el zhar who we paid money for.

    • Hob.. Hob… Hob… I didn’t exclude Gary Mac at all. Read my post again. I said Gary Mac is one of the exceptions to the rule when it comes to free signings, because he came and performed to the expected and acceptable standard. And this being an LFC fans board, I am looking at LFC’s experience with free signings. I don’t support any of the teams that you listed, so it’s not for me to comment on if they were lucky with their free signings or not. Crouchy was not a free signing, though people refer to him when they talk about players who take some time to start delivering.

      As for Jova scoring a world cup goal against the Germany, even the poor of the poorest have lucky breaks once in a while. You can list players who once in a while have a lucky break, but that does not make them good players, does it? My main problem with your argument Hob is that we are glorifying a mediocre player. Is this how low we have sunk as LFC…to the extent that we have lowered our bar so much as to see Jova as a good player, as a saviour for the team?

      Your reasoning on why early season matches are difficult to predict, while it could be one of the reasons, it also raises more questions than answers. Remember all these teams will be in the same boat. They will all not be at 'full fitness, speed and form', so that should cancel out. It’s not like some of the teams will have forgone their pre-season while others will have just regrouped. So Hob there are varied reasons why early season matches are difficult to predict….one of them being the one that I gave about ‘unknown quantities’. Your reason may be a contributory factor too, though I reckon to a lessor extent for the reason that I have given above.

      I like it when you call me a fool for voicing my views on Jova. That’s the whole purpose of these blogs, to give views on the team, rightly or wrongly. But if one finds it offensive that one has given a negative assessment on a player that you love dearly, isn’t that blind and emotional support? Take in a deep breath and re-evaluate Jova. Maybe you may come up with another view.

      I really hope that on Sunday he will have one of those lucky breaks. If he performs like he has in the past 5 matches, be rest assured that I will be the first to bay for his blood.

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