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  • Jason Jason Sep 9, 2010 00:29 Flag

    Jovanovic - a pile of rubbish?

    I think this is exactly the reason why Babel has always been played primarily on the left. Because of his natural inclination to cut inside towards his right foot and shoot, though yes it makes the team very narrow and predictable unless you have a top quality full back overlapping behind. If Babel had the natural crossing ability then maybe he'd have been ideal on the right all along, but he predictably would cut inside with no left and get dispossessed.

    Since Ngog is injured, it's almost a guarantee that Babel won't be starting anywhere because sadly, he remains the only "" striker in the squad with Kuyt out practicing his gymnastics. Seems Pacheco will get his chance and perhaps Jova will play on the right ? Both have their chance this weekend..

    As for the Babel debates, I was never on these boards for the past 3 years pleading his case. I am just simply stating he's in the squad, at least until January, he's going to have to play, and play well. So maybe with Roy and a new philosophy and new faces around we will see something different, if not, we all know what we've got. I'm not expecting him to become Nani or Malouda trust me... I am a bit sarcastic which can be overlooked. If I was pleading the case for Lucas you could all stone me, I'd do it myself in fact..

    cheers for now.